Esteemed Author & Cyber Security Expert Byron A Aris Announces Release of Second Book in Cyber Crime Thriller Series

Esteemed Author & Cyber Security Expert Byron A Aris Announces Release of Second Book in Cyber Crime Thriller Series

August 20, 2021 – Byron Aris is proud to announce the launch and release of his second critically acclaimed book in his cybercrime thriller series. The book, titled “Rise of The CEOs,” is set to pick up right where “When We Were Hackers” left off. The first book in the series tells a fictional story of NFL’s Super Bowl 47, where a blackout orchestrated by a massive cyber-attack takes place and wreaks havoc over the main event. 

The second book will tell the story of the surviving members of the hacking team that orchestrated the cyber-attack and are now on the run from the FBI. The Dark Cumulus series has been well received by Aris’ audience, and this second book is poised to expand his readership, bringing in those interested in the world of hacking, cybersecurity, and cyber-attacks.

“For me, the biggest thing has always been educating others about the very real threat of cyber-attacks. Threats are real, and they continue to grow and get stronger each day. New players are entering into the fold, and they are finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and execute successful intrusions into some of the most critical systems that uphold our technological infrastructure. The Super Bowl event in “When We Were Hackers” might be fictional – but it is still, even more, a very real possibility. Telling those stories serves as a moment of awakening for a readership who is still coming to terms with the fact that there are dangerous and malicious entities out there in cyberspace,” says Aris.

In addition to his reputation as a fiction writer, Byron A Aris is also a cybersecurity professional who bases his work around raising awareness and teaching others about the potential dangers of navigating the cyber landscape. Throughout his career, Byron has been featured in various magazines and has been published in several prominent industry publications, including Enterprise Security Magazine. To learn more about Byron A Aris, visit his website at the link below:

To purchase Byron’s latest installment in his Dark Cumulus series, “Rise of The CEOs” click the link below and visit his Amazon Author page. 

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