Hiring is like dating, but worse if done poorly

Talent acquisition made easy with this California-based firm.

When it comes to hiring the right people for the team, the process can be very similar to dating and finding the partner to date. Theoretically, they think this will be easy and they have a million options, but what they quickly realize is that they don’t and only a handful of quality options will meet the criteria. Engaging with a bunch of frogs for weeks on end while trying to find your prince charming or princess is never fun, nor a good use of their time. That is why it’s so critical to develop a relationship with Co-Founder and Co-CEO Lisa Loguidice and Leslie Merrow and their dedicated team at Direct Search Alliance based in Los Angeles so you leave it up to the matchmaking professionals to do all the sourcing, screening, and can deliver their clients a short list of qualified talent so they can focus on what they do best is making a decision on who is the best fit quickly and seamlessly.

The staffing process of making a critical hire is similar to dating in the sense that they are matching specific qualities of humans together that fit for a specific function, however, it’s not as easy as swiping right on a dating app where most of the qualifications are purely superficially based. In a world now where everything is on demand, staffing still needs a high touch human assessment to successfully manage the process and read between the lines. Recruiting professionals takes tremendous outreach, careful technical qualification verification, and reading people’s true intentions about making a job change vs. dating and only looking for superficial traits and Lisa Loguidice and her highly experienced team at Direct Search Alliance have a proprietary 360 vetting process to weed out the unqualified and professionals just shopping around to test their market value or seek validation. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right person for the job, and to recruit successfully takes technical skill and an extremely high EQ to make the right matches for our clients and this is where we excel.

Direct Search Alliance is a renowned talent acquisition consultancy firm and their focus is to bring potential candidates into the talent pool of the businesses that they work with. They abide by the philosophy of Candidate Relationship Management and best practices. Through this approach, they establish and maintain strong and meaningful relationships with past, current, and potential candidates. In this manner, they are sure to only give the strongest fit when one of their business clients has a new position that opens up.

Just like any other relationship, effort and trust must be a two way process. It will not be possible for Direct Search Alliance to have a readily available list of candidates if they did not establish a strong relationship beforehand with the potential applicants. As a result, they put utmost importance in the value of transparency throughout the whole recruitment process. This way, candidates are not only engaged and focused, but they trust Digital Search Alliance to land them the job of their dreams.

The process that undergoes every recruitment process may vary for every company. Direct Search Alliance ensures that they clearly communicate every step of the way to candidates. Among the many things that they keep an open communication about are the selection process, salary range, benefits package, and recruitment timeline. For instance, candidates deserve to know how long the process will take in order for them to be aware of what they are getting themselves in for. Another important matter to discuss is the remuneration package, being upfront about the salary can help recruiters quickly identify whether an applicant is under or overqualified.

Because of Direct Search Alliance’s values and service, they have had the opportunity to work with publicly-traded, privately-held, and private-equity backed companies in tech, media, e-commerce, and other emerging industries. It is through their specialty of exceeding client expectations that they are able to maintain happy clients and potential candidates, some of which even go the extra mile to refer them to other interested businesses.

Recruitment can be made easy at Direct Search Alliance. Visit https://www.directsearchalliance.com/ for more information.

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Direct Search Alliance is an executive search and talent consultancy firm that passionately serves publicly-traded, privately held, and private-equity backed companies. The firm is based in Los Angeles, California.

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