Dotcom Engine Turns Traffic Into Sales

Dotcom Engine Turns Traffic Into Sales

Many brands are using Shopify to sell their products. While these brands see a lot of traffic coming to their page, this traffic isn’t resulting in as many sales as they had planned. That is where Dotcom Engine can come in to help. This company focuses on developing, marketing, and optimizing Shopify e-commerce stores with the goal of landing more sales.

Nick Ursu founded Dotcom Engine in 2018. His vision was to help brands optimize their incoming revenue for e-commerce stores and help them turn more traffic into sales. While this organization is based in UK, he is helping e-commerce stores worldwide. Brands from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more are amazed by what Dotcom Engine has done for them. 

Turn traffic into revenue

There is one thing that Nick Ursu noticed about many of the Shopify sellers that were reaching out to him. While they have no problem getting incoming traffic to their page, they aren’t turning this traffic into sales. The main reason is that they aren’t optimizing their main mechanism for revenue.

The team at Dotcom Engine has developed techniques that are proven to work when it comes to e-commerce optimization. Once they have implemented these techniques it has completely changed things around for the brand. These Shopify brands are now seeing more visitors turn into paying customers.

How Dotcom Engine does things differently

Dotcom Engine has been so successful at helping Shopify brands increase their customer base because Nick Ursu strongly believes in focusing on the buyer’s journey. Many things that Dotcom Engine focuses on revolve around making the page more appealing for the customer to navigate and trust.

There is one important thing that Nick believes many brands don’t consider. Most visitors don’t buy anything from the e-commerce store on their first visit. They are simply viewing the shop to see if there is anything that appeals to them. This is when e-commerce brands need to use their resources to stay in the visitor’s mind.

One strategy that Nick believes is helpful for every brand is email marketing. His team puts a lot of energy into developing the right email marketing campaign and strategies to completely change things around for the brand. This team has a strong plan when it comes to making the best of e-commerce websites. Their marketing solutions have helped many brands stay ahead of the competition. 

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