Dean Dohrman launches a political science book that seeks to put us back on the path of regaining the true American spirit of community

Dean Dohrman, political science professor and former Missouri state representative, recently released his second guide to navigating the complex world of American politics, Insidious Changes: A Short History of Big Government and the Resulting Crisis. Dohrman draws upon decades of experience as a professor to offer an insightful analysis of how modern society has deviated from the Founders’ vision, how this has caused political tension, and what we can do to fix this highly contentious situation.

From America’s colonial roots to the ongoing battle for civil rights, Insidious Changes explores how bickering and partisanship have challenged the original meaning of the nation’s founding documents. Although intended as a society built on the principles of self-government and strength of character, Dohrman posits that leaders must take responsibility for ideological gridlock. Insidious Changes shows that the path of the effective change agent starts with analysis, collaboration, and a desire to regain the true American spirit of community.

Fans of Mark Levin will appreciate Dohrman’s no-holds-barred dissection of the 21st-century political framework. With insider knowledge and a willingness to ask hard questions, Dohrman offers solutions and provides a roadmap for readers to understand how the idea of self-government has evolved over time. Insidious Changes proves that all Americans have the capacity to make a difference and alter the trajectory of an uncertain future if they work together to recapture a sense of community.

Dohrman’s work is perfect for both casual readers of history and seasoned political science students. With candid language and a conversational style, Insidious Changes presents each argument in a common-sense way along with relevant arguments, concepts, and statistics.

Unlike other works in the field of political science, Insidious Changes is based on the author’s firsthand experience on the floor of a state legislature. Dohrman’s perspectives are more than just academic — they’re tried and tested in the real world.

When asked to describe his inspiration for Insidious Changes, Dohrman reflected on his work with a quote from Thomas Jefferson: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Insidious Changes: A Short History of Big Government and the Resulting Crisis and its companion, Politics in Context: You, the Constitution, and the Challenge of Citizenship, are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Dean Dohrman is a political science professor, executive director of the Educated Citizen Project, and a former Missouri state representative. He has a website at Dean has been involved in government almost his entire adult life. As a result, he has a wealth of intimate knowledge about the inner workings of our government. Dohrman is passionate about teaching the next generation and promoting positive civil behavior and participation. Insidious Changes has a companion reader e-book on Amazon titled Politics in Perspective.  

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