Check It Out Worldwide Revolutionises Choice-making Through Ai & Predictive Analysis

What is the main problem people face daily? Making choices. Whether it is a choice to cook at home or eat out,  exercising or watching Netflix, or just taking a staycation instead of taking a holiday somewhere far away. Most choice-making is based on wants, needs, current plans, budget, work, or situation. What if we could see which choices will end up with which consequences?

Figure 1.1: Check It Out Worldwide logo

Check It Out Worldwide, an innovative game-changing technology company with aspirations to make lives better, has found a way to predict outcomes based on the choices the user has made. Using past and present data, the system will analyze what choices will have the best outcomes for each situation, utilizing predictive analytics and AI. 

Figure 1.2: Sheznie Merican, Founder & CEO, Check It Out Worldwide

Check It Out Worldwide’s Founder & CEO, Sheznie Merican, said that by having more information to make better choices, people will not only have the foresight to curb any choices that will be detrimental to them in the future but will also make them open to more choices that they did not know they had.

Predictive Analysis, coupled with AI, to make it more interactive and user-friendly, is what Check It Out Worldwide is using in the context for an individual to have access to the same predictive tools that will allow them to have scenario planning for their life so to ease the burden of choice-making.

Figure 1.3: The Check It Out Worldwide Dashboard & SuperApp accessible 24/7 on multiple devices.

Integrated with Check It Out Worldwide’s Dashboard, a real-time Life Vision Board, 4SIGHT is one of their tools within their dashboard open multifunctional platform which aims to make smart personal lifestyle management easier and more efficient. 

Other tools being developed within the platform include a NEIGHBOURHOOD marketplace for new and current people who are moving or changing jobs to a new neighborhood to allow them to be familiar with their neighbors and surroundings faster;

FASTALERT System for health & medical emergencies, a STOCKUP System that allows for search, inventory management & auto-replenishments of consumable items within the home; TRYITONSTYLE System that creates look books & recommends outfits based on what is in the user’s closet; 

+RED System that contains customized and personalized services based on current lifestyle and syncs their manual documents to digital documents for easier document management; 

EDUC8, an interactive educational knowledge learning & sharing system and a MOTIVE8 System that pushes self-help content to the Dashboard daily.

These apps are meant to be both engaging and entertaining, but aside from convenience, they are also designed to provide various health-based benefits. The FASTALERT app provides a wealthy medical database that users can peruse to find relevant information while +RED is meant to trace and eliminate bad habits while helping users incorporate new, healthier ones.

The EDUC8 is an educational app that contains an eclectic knowledge base that app users can also use in medicinal or lifestyle-improving situations.  This is in collaboration with Speaking Tree Academy which specializes in upskilling business professionals and self-help for personal improvement. Overall, the subtle, organic improvement of the decision-making abilities of the users that these apps provide can seamlessly change an individual’s life for the better. 

 “I have always desired a tool that will help me make decisions more effectively and help make life management easier, so I decided to build it myself and help others to be the best version of themselves,” said Sheznie Merican. 

Figure 1.4 Check It Out Worldwide Smart Home Lifestyle Dashboard System 

Check It Out Worldwide is seeking potential investors & partners who are interested to grow these tools for global implementation in major cities.


Sheznie Merican was heading Strategic Branding & Marketing Communications at UNIMY, PETRONAS and Habib Jewels and the recipient of the Women’s Icons 2019 and Celebrating Inspirational Women 2019 Award. She is also the Founder & CEO of a tech startup, Check It Out Worldwide, a company dedicated to building smarter home products and services for future lifestyles. 

She also trains business professionals through the Backed4Life program at BAC, taught 2 cohorts of the Starting Up a StartUp course at IACT College, and was a panel speaker at the Women In Leadership Summit 2018 & Women Empowerment in Industry 4.0 Talk. 

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