Briut Essentials is here to transform the planet by introducing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The perfect entry to beginning a low-waste lifestyle using all organic handmade products that are healthier for people and the planet.

In this day in age, the climate crisis has become a relevant alarming topic. It feels like almost everyday on the news we hear of the new fires that have spread across the west coast or how the plastic pandemic is affecting our oceans. New documentaries are being released with the aim of trying to reveal the behind-the-scenes truths, while influencers on social platforms are trying to educate their Gen-Z audience on what they can do to help. So, why not start now?

A big reason that many are afraid to start a low-waste lifestyle is because of eco-anxiety. It could be overwhelming on where to begin- tying into the lack of education even though information is readily available. As advanced as technology is, it is also paradoxical that because information is so accessible through technology now, it could be equally as overwhelming on where to start educating oneself.

It’s important to understand what’s at stake for our planet and our future children if we don’t start making necessary changes now- even the little ones. Something as simple as switching your plastic toothbrush to a biodegradable toothbrush can make a huge beneficial impact for the planet in the long term. Plastic toothbrushes alone account for 50 million pounds of waste annually, so just imagine the productive impact if everyone switched to another toothbrush alternative! That would be a huge first step in the right direction and that’s exactly what Briut is here to help accomplish.

Briut is dedicated to educating and supplying it’s consumers with eco-friendly and natural organic products. “My mission is to spread awareness and educate people about the damaging chemicals in products most of us use daily. I aspire to create and promote organic products that help to form a better everyday life while simultaneously protecting the environment”, says Sharone, founder of Briut Essentials.

After experiencing a life-changing event, Sharone was in a desperate search for clean, organic products. She was shocked when she realized how much the market lacked in these types of products. She took it on herself to formulate her own products- from toothpaste to face serums. Each product is formulated with all the best natural ingredients, all the while maintaining consciousness of the packaging for the environment.

Briut understands eco-anxiety arises from the hard truth of reality, but they are here to help you get started- one toothbrush at a time. Their website includes blog articles so the consumer is aware and educated on what they are purchasing and the benefits behind it. More to explore on the following link

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