HeatAlert™ Warns Employees When Workplace Heat Becomes Too Dangerous

New Patent Pending Device Helps Reduce Employee Heat Illness.

IceAlert® (HeatAlert™), a Tualatin Oregon manufacturing firm, has responded to the threat of excessive workplace heat with a new revolutionary product called HeatAlert™. This device measures the heat index in any work environment and alerts employers and employees when the index exceeds OSHA/NOAA’s safety guidelines. The Heat Index is an algorithm derived from the current air temperature and humidity and is the standard OSHA/NOAA uses to determine when environmental heat poses a danger to workers.

This Registered Trademarked and Patented device has never been more relevant than now with rising global temperatures and dangerous extreme weather patterns becoming the new norm. This summer, cities all over the US and Canada have set new heat records and now, with the recent publication of the UN’s Report on Global Warming, predicting decades of extreme weather in our future, the HeatAlert™ monitoring stations are more important than ever!

IceAlert®/HeatAlert™ has been making safety products for extreme weather for the past 20+ years, focusing primarily on safety products for icy conditions. Recently, they recognized the growing danger of extreme heat, which prompted them to create their newest extreme weather safety device. Now employers have a tool to help them protect employees from heat related injuries.

Heat illness is like the frog in the slowly warming pot of water. The frog acclimates to the rising temperature and never recognizes the danger until it’s too late. Heat illness sneaks up on people. They may be in a full-blown medical emergency before they even know they’re suffering from a heat related illness. HeatAlert™ recognized that most employers and employees simply don’t understand when the heat index exceeds a safe threshold.

The symptoms of heat illness include weakness, confusion, muscle cramps, dizziness, vomiting, unconsciousness, and/or organ failure. Victims of mild heat illness usually recover, but severe cases may result in long-term disabilities or even death. Approximately 700 people die every year in the US from heat illness, and this figure will rise as we see more and more extreme heat waves across the country.

Currently, HeatAlert™ monitoring stations are available for fixed indoor and outdoor work environments (the portable version is in development). HeatAlert™ can be installed at practice fields for scholastic and professional sports teams, in all types of industrial and manufacturing facilities, construction sites, warehouses, power plants and power stations, agricultural worksites, and much more!

Every year, a few athletes succumb to a unique form of heat illness called exertion heat illness. It often occurs during football practice or games but can affect any athlete training in excessive heat. Like regular heat illnesses, it sneaks up on its victims and can render a healthy athlete unconscious in a matter of minutes. HeatAlert™ can change all that.

HeatAlert™ calculates the heat index every 15 minutes and displays an amber strobe light when the Index is between 91-102.9 degrees and a red strobe light when Index reaches 103 degrees, so employees can take steps to protect themselves.

More info: https://www.icealert.com/heat-alert

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