Jervois Mansion Singapore: A Tranquil Residence Retaining a Legacy Of Protuberant Architecture

A residential area with bountiful comforts along with tranquil and charming ambiance nestled in nature.

Singapore – 23rd August, 2021 – Jervois Mansion is the illustrious and proud vision industrialized by Kimen Group and Roxy Pacific Holdings Limited. Roxy Pacific Holdings, incorporated in 1967, possesses vast experience in development that transcends beyond the locale into the rest of South Asia. The Jervois Mansion Price is an attraction for homeowners and investors alike due to its non-exorbitant quality. With many accolades accomplished, Jervois Mansion buyers can look forward to living in a tranquil environment along with the unsurpassed connectivity and accessibility that comes with the city center

Located in the serene Jervois Close of River Valley: District 10, the Jervois Condo is enclosed by a plentiful landscape of flora while relishing the ease of being near to the business junctions like the Central Business, Marina Bay financial area, and Ophir-Rochor Corridor. Jervois Mansion Condo is fenced; by a plethora of nature parks, including the Botanical Gardens, Fort Canning Park, and Mount Faber that are some relaxed and amusing family locations. Sitting at the peripheral of Alexandra Park Connector, inhabitants have easy access to jog or cycle to tempting locales, such as Marina Bay through the Singapore River. The Architecture of the Condo draws its motivation from Singapore’s black and white bungalows snuggled in nature with luxuriant porches. Every residential block, loosely situated in a villa-like block, comes with four residences per unit. Several interconnected courtyards are interspersed by customized redesigning, and balconies are neighbored by opulent planting, guardrail, and screen theme drawn from Singapore’s colonial architecture.

Jervois is a new tenure residential development: situated in River Valley, District 10, consisting of exceptional deluxe residential development constituting 130 apartment units. The site distinctively assembles in the core of the central region of Singapore with a close juxtaposition to the city center. Jervois Mansion’s elite charisma situates itself in the magnanimous land plot among its equivalents in the neighborhood. The entrance to Jervois Mansion is a delightful, graceful, and natural courtyard with a towering tembusu tree that serves as a symbol for welcoming the tenants. The clubhouse unlocks up to the pool and seems to give an impression of floating water, and the lawn rotunda is snuggled under trees and features a collection of circular skylights facing an event lawn.

It is to be kept in attention: the Jervois Mansion Showflat is not on the site. Buyers can make an appointment for a visit and get the address. One of the most crucial aspects of making a purchase is financing. As the Jervois Mansion is under construction: buyers can learn more about the payment scheme; to make the appropriate calculations before their visits using the progressive payment calculators. More information is available on their website.

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