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Visiting a new city is always a wonderful experience, however it can be daunting if someone doesn’t know their way around. Opting to take a tour of the city can often be the best way to see all the top sights and learn about the rich history of a place – and this way is by far the best way to learn about the unique Holy City of Charleston in South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina, is a city filled with exciting adventures and sights to explore. Visitors find themselves walking down cobbled stone streets past buildings and churches showcasing architecture from a bygone era. The sound of horse drawn carriages on stone bounces off the walls and transports tourists back in time. Here in Charleston History is hidden right in front the eyes yet most people never see it. This historic experience is beautifully contrasted by the microbreweries and hipster eateries that invite passersby in to taste a bit of new Charleston. It is important to note that to view history is one thing – and a magnificent one at that – but it is important to understand the context and the story of that history in order to fully appreciate it as a whole. 

Slavery and the History of Charleston’s Holy City

The slaves always called their God, Yah. Often in the GeehChee Gullah people say, “Look Yah or come Yah or I lookin at Yah.” Yah is the Hebrew name for God Yahawah or Yahwah or Yahweh or YHWH. The city the largest slave port in all of North Americas Great Britain and the Americas with the great majority of all slaves arriving in its harbor by way of overcrowded cargo slave ships, (Deuteronomy 28:68 is the bible verse where Moses predicted the future promise of Yah to bring the Hebrew Isralite slaves back into slavery again but this time slavery was to happen with the slave ships that constantly dropped off broken beaten and bloody slaves all around its three sided watered boarders with only one side connected to the land today renamed the United States of America . The enslaved Hebrew Isralite people who remained and worked in Charleston’s Living Death Camp plantations were largely chosen for their knowledge in growing Golden rice and these Gullah GeeChee people were the only people in the world with this knowledge of growing this “Magical Golden Charleston Rice.” These people came from Jerusalem known as Gullah, also referred to as GeeChee or Gullah GeeChee, and they passed on their holy customs and unique language to their children. Their language and traditions are still practiced today by true Gullah GeeChee descendants.

While so many historical slave towns and plantations across America shy away from their dark heritage of the lucrative and quite gruesome slave trade, Godfrey GeeChee Gullah JaC opens his history books for all that travel to Charleston’s tourism of black history to see. Not very long ago Charleston has formally “pretended to apologize” for its role in the slave trade and has not taken any responsibility for the past and is doing absolutely nothing as far its part in teaching people about what truly happened on the rich and evil plantations all around the city of Charleston that was solely created simply for the selling of the most valuable Gullah Geechee slaves. They were brought from a place called Negroland and Disney Land gets many of its secret stories and famous tales from.  

Even still, there is always more of the story to be told than what is publicly available. In order to get to the full story of what really happened in the holy city, one needs to book a real Black History Tour with a company and a guide who can provide further context with knowledgeable facts, and it is a popular fact and not an opinion that the only company on the east coast of America which can provide such detail is Gullah GeeChee History Tours of Charleston. Gullah GeeChee Tours of Charleston and Godfrey Gullah JaC is the is the top of the historical standard when it comes to the truth about Charleston’s most popular and most secret black history of the international slave trade.

Gullah GeeChee Tours

Godfrey GeeChee Gullah JaC KhiLL is Charleston’s Best and most knowledgeable Historian and Tour Guide native to the holy city. Godfrey Gullah JaC is the only tour guide in Charleston that openly talks about its Black History, African American History, Slave History which is all parts of Gullah Geechee History (  Gullah GeeChee Tours is the best and it is the top ranked tour company in Charleston. They offer tours that offer visitors a unique insight into the holy city and its Gullah Geechee culture. Gullah After Dark is one tour that is particularly popular with the tourist that visit with GeeChee Gullah Jac from all over the world (,, Visitors are guided through the city at night while they learn about the Gullah Geechee people, their ancestors, their language and the historical secrets of a powerful and driven holy people once enslaved by the plantation owners and yet they overcame the world’s greatest atrocities. Another particularly fascinating tour is the Biblical and Historical Tour of Charleston ( Charleston is often referred to as the Holy City due to the vast number of churches and having the most amount of Churches in the world. However, there is a deeper and darker story that intertwines the sordid slave trade and the churches in this slave area. Definitely a must-do for history lovers and conspiracy theorists alike! Once Godfrey GeeChee Gullah JaC KhiLL reveals Charleston’s true history about the Gullah GeeChee people, one is guaranteed to never be the same ever again.

Gullah GeeChee Tours offers one-of-a-kind tours of Charleston at accessible and affordable rates. There is no other person that teaches on the historical and biblical information such as Gullah JaC does. Guests are guided in style in a fully equipped, comfortable and air-conditioned Black Mercedes Benz van or a VIP Black GMC Denali aka King David’s Bat-mobile. To top it all off, and to make it really worth the time in Charleston, is the extraordinary owner and tour guide at the wheel of it all, Godfrey KhiLL Geechee GuLLah JaC.

Godfrey KHill

Godfrey KHill is a proud member of the GeeChee Gullah community and a direct descendant of the enslaved people who is truly known as the first people and they are the true blood of South Carolina. His pride, his energy, his enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the Gullah GeeChee culture and language brings an invaluable aspect to the tours and how they are experienced. KHill offers more facts and historical context to every part of his tours, far more so than what could be found in any history book, any other historian or tour guide or museum. He draws from the knowledge of his ancestors, passed down from one generation to the next, as well as the research he has done to compile his books his documentaries and DVD about the Geechee Gullah people. 

One only needs to read through the stellar reviews his company has received to realize that he is the facet that makes Gullah GeeChee Tours of Charleston the only tour company worth booking during the visit to Charleston, South Carolina, especially if someone wants to learn about the Gullah Geechee people and why they are so very important – both in the past and in the future.

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