Alaa Harazin Demonstrates an Innovative Solution for Restaurants to Work with Orders

Alaa Harazin Demonstrates an Innovative Solution for Restaurants to Work with Orders

Alaa Harazin is a payment processing professional for restaurants.
Alaa Harazin introduces a new and more efficient order management tool for restaurants.

Alaa Harazin, the reputed payment processing professional specializing in demonstrating innovative and effective business management solutions for the restaurant industry, has a new way of managing orders. This process is aimed at helping restaurant managers and professionals manage and fulfill orders in a smooth and efficient manner.

“The Order management feature can play an important role in the overall restaurant process,“ says Alaa Harazin. “Every time a new order arrives, it is updated in the order process, sparing your staff the hassling and error-prone task of updating manually. Also, the tool allows you to handle multiple areas of order management from one place which puts you in control of the process.”

Restaurant managers can search all orders by simply entering invoice ID, order ID or the last four digits of the card used for making payments. The order can also be filtered on the basis of employee name, type of transaction (manual, non-manual), order type (carryout, dine-in, online) and even on the basis of devices. 

Managers and owners can view orders or search for them on the basis of data range for the last 30 days. They just have to enter the start and the end date in the search tab to find all the orders placed during that specific date range. 

The key features of the Order tool include creating an order, updating orders, associating orders with payments, and associating orders with refunds.

Alaa Harazin is also an award winning television producer for the food & beverage industry, below is his recent work:

Restaurant managers can add single line items or multiple line items to an order or even update changes using the item modifiers feature. They can add custom discounts to the whole order or to a specific item conveniently.

The new Order tool also makes calculating order totals easy. The accounts managers can calculate the total for a specific line item in many ways. They can apply modifier costs to know the total of the line item before discount or subtract percentage discounts associated with total price of the item before applying discount. 

The tool can also calculate order totals after subtracting all order level amount discounts, or after adding service charge to the sub-total.

The order tool can help restaurants manage their orders more swiftly, efficiently, and in a hassle-free manner thanks to the advanced features and user-friendly processes offered by the system.

About Alaa Harazin:

Alaa Harazin is a reputed payment processing professional in the merchant service industry and known for his innovative solutions. He specializes in providing payment solutions for the restaurant industry and has over 15 years of experience in sales and credit cards processing services. 

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