Alaa Harazin Showcases an Innovative Rewards Program That Can Make Customers Return For More and Spend Happily

Alaa Harazin Showcases an Innovative Rewards Program That Can Make Customers Return For More and Spend Happily

Alaa Harazin is a payment processing professional for restaurants.
Alaa Harazin has unveiled the new Rewards Program as a part of the larger POS designed exclusively for restaurants.

Alaa Hazarin, known for his unique and efficient payment processing solutions specifically created for the restaurant industry, has unveiled a new rewards system. The thoughtfully designed tool and its powerful features can encourage more visits from pampered buyers and higher spending.

“I am pleased to introduce to restaurant owners and similar businesses, the all-new Rewards Program aimed at driving in customers more frequently to your enterprise and encouraging them to spend more on each of those visits,” says Alaa Harazin about the new tool. “It is a comprehensive loyalty program that offers great value to customers. The rewards program can be customized to reward your most loyal customers in a special manner and make them feel more valuable for your business.”

Restaurants can share details of the Rewards Program with their customers and see how many of them have signed up. The app provides details of how the enrolment efforts are progressing. Points awarded can be tracked easily on the app for easy tracking and management. The tool offers a simple way of launching a great rewards program right from the POS system.

There are points for sign up and more perks offered with better customer engagement. According to Alaa Hazarin, the rewards program include welcome bonus, regular bonus, and VIP bonus for the most valuable customers. Restaurants can provide a pleasant surprise for their customers by offering special bonus offers on birthdays and anniversaries through this program.

Alaa Harazin is also an award winning television producer in the food & beverage industry, below is his recent work:

The Rewards Program also ensures that customers are rewarded on the basis of the purchase amount or qualifying inventory items. Restaurant owners and managers can rest assured that only authorized points will be awarded. Another key benefit of the program is that customers are notified when they earn a reward so that they can redeem it at checkout. The app allows perks to be added directly to their order.

It is generally observed that customers engaged with rewards programs spend substantially more on every visit. They are also likely to visit more often and prefer using the same brand for the future because of the Rewards Program value they get. The app offers a simple way of keeping tab on the rewards points for both the restaurant owners and the customers. 

Alaa Harazin believes that such a user-friendly and innovative Rewards Program can ensure greater customer loyalty and will also boost engagement prospects significantly. It is undoubtedly a win-win move for both the enterprise and the customers. 

About Alaa Harazin:

Alaa Hazarin is a reputed payment processing professional in the merchant service industry and known for his innovative solutions. He specializes in providing payment solutions for the restaurant industry and has over 15 years of experience in sales and credit cards processing services. 

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