TVC Mall Launched Latest Collection of Camera Accessories and Lens Accessories for Pros and Amateurs

TVC Mall aims to boost monsoon sale with their new collection.

Online electronics marketplace TVC Mall recently launched its latest selection of camera accessories and lens accessories. Although the company launched a few new camera models at a recent trade fair, the spotlight was on accessories that are compatible with some of the biggest camera brands, such as Canon and Nikon. The owners met the press after the launch event and told that their aim now is to provide camera accessories not just for pros, but for amateurs too.

“These smart camera and lens accessories are actually great investments. Anybody who wants to develop and improve their photography skills can use these heavy-duty accessories. Without appropriate camera and lens accessories, nobody can do justice to their photography skills”, said one of the top executives of TVC Mall.

“We have launched a wide range of high-quality DSLR bags that are essential for both amateurish and professional photographic ventures. Some of the bags in our latest selection can be used for carrying both laptops and cameras. These bags are low-profile, portable, and comfortable. The best part is that most of the bags do not look like camera bags at all. We have also unveiled a number of regular and mini tripods which are both sturdy and lightweight. The tripods are all made of retractable aluminum alloy, which is a rust-free material”, added the executive.

Aside from bags and tripods, TVC Mall has also unveiled a wide selection of lens accessories, including but not limited to external lenses, screen protectors, portable telescopic lenses, lens hood covers, and camera lens filters. The owners said that the new products come with a one-year warranty.

“The biggest plus of the latest products we have launched is that they are lightweight and compact. On the top of it, the products are portable and come with a manufacturer’s warranty in most cases. We have kept the prices low, at a competitive level, so that people on a budget can easily afford these camera accessories. We have also launched a series of digital cameras which are specifically designed for users who are not happy with their mobile cameras”, said the CEO and managing director of TVC Mall.

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