Addiction Rehab Toronto Persistent Amid Covid-19 Woes

Covid has closed and hindered many services around the world, from primary healthcare to addiction treatment facilities. However, addiction Rehab Toronto remains persistent and is staying open to help those who are fighting addiction.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is determined to be part of the solution for those seeking help with their addiction. However, they are strictly following covid-19 restrictions and always putting the safety of clients first and foremost.

In 2020, overdose deaths slammed through the previously recorded numbers, rising by nearly 30 percent. Those numbers are staggering, and the amount of lives it has impacted is devastating. 

A spokesperson for Addiction Rehab Toronto said. “Just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean that people stop using. On the contrary, it’s probably even more dangerous for addicts. It’s tough for those trying to maintain their sobriety in such an unprecedented and unpredictable time.”

“The isolation of lockdowns and the separation from their support system is a painful process for the average person, but for someone fighting addiction, it’s more complicated than that. The grandmother they aren’t visiting to protect from Covid may be the person who has supported them through their troubles. Without the support systems they are used to, addicts run a much higher chance of relapse.” The spokesperson added.

Addiction Rehab Toronto offers 5 Star accommodations that provide the privacy necessary for reflection and common areas where guests can talk and mingle and find support in one another. Situated on over an acre of land, the facility has the space for outdoor and indoor activities that increase the connection of mind, body, and spirit. For example, yoga classes can help lower stress levels and provide coping mechanisms that help guests on their road to recovery.

With the supervision of trained and certified staff, clients go through an assessment process to discover which of the programs they will benefit from the most. Programs are individually tailored to a client’s specific needs because addiction is different for each individual. In addition, the root causes and even intertwined mental health issues with substance abuse are complex. However, programs can include detox, inpatient care, individual therapy, group sessions, and follow-up care after leaving the facility.

“Covid-19 has impacted the mental health of the entire world, but addicts, in particular, are at an extremely high risk of feeling the negative impacts of things like quarantine and job loss. It can send them spiralling, and in the worst of cases can lead to overdose.” The spokesperson said.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is a full-service private residential drug and alcohol addiction recovery center. They offer a wide variety of treatment options for substance abuse and mental health, taking a comprehensive approach. They provide services including interventions, addiction education, inpatient treatment options, family, group and individual therapy, and more.  The facility is in a gated community inside of a peaceful neighbourhood.

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