Personal Health with MS boosted by First Class Personal Training

Most of us want to be as healthy as possible, but in a busy and hectic world with so many pressures and demands on our lives and time, finding a manageable route through to health and wellness can often be a challenge for many.

For people with specific health issues, health and fitness provides particular challenges in terms of stamina and energy levels.

The fitness specialists at First Class Personal Training in Toronto have been promoting their personalised routes to success that are crafted for their clients who suffer with MS.

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a lifelong condition caused by the immune system attacking the brain and nerves. Although it cannot be cured, symptoms can be managed to improve the quality of life of the MS sufferer.

“Many people with MS can exercise” stated a spokesperson “although many struggle to know either how hard to challenge themselves or how to exercise in such a way that helps them to manage their condition and live their best life possible”.

We are able to bring the skills and experience that we have working with a wide range of clients to bear on the specific requirements of individuals who have MS to help them to manage their conditions from a health and fitness perspective and to improve their lives”.

“Our fitness instructors are not just qualified and experienced in fitness training, but are also knowledgeable about MS, and how MS symptoms can impact individuals on a daily basis. This means that a consultation can take place with the client and standard exercise routines can be adjusted to accommodate the specific needs and symptoms that the client may have”.

“The bespoke, personalised routines that are tweaked to the health of the individual can improve their health in a number of different ways, including: improved general fitness and cardiovascular performance, improved core strength, flexibility and balance, improved gastrointestinal function, reduced symptoms of depression and fatigue, better moods and ability to focus. All of this” the spokesperson continued “can help individuals with MS lead a deeper and more fulfilling life as it helps them to lead a better social life and to get out more”.

About First Class Personal Training

First Class Personal Training is a specialist fitness and wellbeing service based in and around Toronto. Founded in 2005 by a committed fitness professional, and serving the wider Toronto region, the business specialises in a wide range of services, including one-on-one personal training, as well as working with corporations and small groups.

First Class Personal Training work with their clients to devise bespoke, personal client programs, based around their schedules and needs, enabling clients to reach their goals in the most effective manner possible.

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