Wood Flooring is the Most Popular Type of Flooring in Canada but Guidelines on Installation Exist

Hands down, wood flooring is the most used type of flooring in many homes throughout Canada.  It is beautiful and easy to clean.  Quality wood flooring can last decades, much longer generally than carpeting, and although more costly than carpeting the ability to last longer is a major reason why it is chosen. 

There are two basic types of wood flooring, all-natural wood flooring, made entirely from trees and engineered hardwood flooring made of a composite of wood and other materials.  Engineered hardwood can be more cost-saving and durable, however, and Canadian weather conditions make enhanced durability a plus.  Purchases of engineered hardwood flooring do outnumber solid hardwood. 

No matter which type of hardwood flooring is chosen, either solid or engineered, a crucial component in the enjoyment and durability is the installation.  Guidelines do exist, and Three Trees Flooring, of Toronto, ON, is a leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring, and an absolute expert on the guidelines for installation of wood flooring

Different methods of installation exist depending upon the types of flooring chosen, and the amount of wear and tear that a floor will need to endure.  While self-installation of wood flooring can be done, the best results are achieved when using a professional installer from Three Trees Flooring.  Since the guidelines are so diverse for each type a professional will ensure that all installation is done perfectly for the exact type of flooring that is being installed. 

Three major types of installation guidelines exist depending on the type of flooring.  The first is a stapling and nailing method, which speaks for itself as the flooring is stapled or nailed in place.  The second type is a gluing method, which again is somewhat self-explanatory as layers of glue are used to keep the flooring in place.  The floating method is a method not easily explained as it uses a layer of foam, cross-cutting of grooves, and then gluing in areas to encase the entire installation. 

It is not an easy choice to determine which type of flooring should be purchased and certainly not an easy type of DIY (Do It Yourself) project.  Even the smallest error can cause buckling and shifting of floorboards and after investing in either solid hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood flooring, any improper installation without using the correct step-by-step guidelines will lead to a loss of money and the need to redo the flooring installation.   Errors in computing how to install floor panels many times do render some panels useless as once the damage is done it generally cannot be reversed. 

Last but not least in the guidelines for successful wood flooring installation is to ensure that the proper equipment is on hand, from saws to nails and glue, and of course safety equipment such as gloves and goggles.  Three Trees Flooring will come equipped with everything needed for installation and will save time and money in the long run for homeowners.  Professional installation by their certified technicians is recommended by Three Trees Flooring.

About Three Trees Flooring

With the main office in Toronto, this manufacturer of qualify solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring of many types and styles has been serving the needs of Canadians and North Americans for years.  Professional installation of all flooring is offered and a guide to installing hardwood flooring exists on the website along with a phone, email, and contact phone for inquiries.  The technicians are thoroughly trained and Three Trees Flooring stands by all their work. 

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