Canadian Men Enjoy Looking Great as Much as Women and Now It Is Easy For Them To Do So

The dreaded trip to the barbershop where the ‘same old, same old’ look was doled out to dozens of customers per week is becoming a thing of the past in Canada.  Men now have preferences in individual haircuts and even in the looks of their beards and mustaches.  Trendiness and individuality are sought.  Not only do men feel better about themselves when they look their best, it has been proven that women also find well-groomed men more attractive.

Staying on top of the trends towards male appearance and a salon experience is the Fade Artist Barber Salon in Innisfil, ON.  Also known as the Fade Artist Barber Salon with locations in Barrie and Bradford also, this men-only salon provides the luxury grooming experience that women have loved and used for decades now.  Hot towels, to soften a beard before a shave are used, and even hair colorists are on staff to either cover greying hair or change the color of existing hair.  Punk it out, or tone it down, it is all up to each male that uses the services.  

Wash bowls are used for shampooing just as in female salons as a clean head of hair that is well cut and vibrant is the goal.  The beard and mustache grooming techniques are advanced and everything from a standard shave or beard and mustache trim, as well as a design of one’s own, can be achieved.

Men also soon discover that getting shampooed at a salon or lounge is much different than quickly washing their hair in the shower at home.   A shampoo artist (and yes, the people that do shampoos are artists also) proceed with a relaxing and invigorating wash that involves deep down cleaning to the scalp while the scalp is simultaneously massaged. 

As one first-time client explained, “I went in for Innisfil Hair Salon for the first time after hearing one of my friends bragging about their services.  I simply expected a high-end type of barbershop experience, but it was a total mind and body experience instead.  I had my hair colored to cover grey hairs, had my beard and mustache trimmed to perfection, and of course, the haircut was just my style!  Not only that but the shampoo I received opened my eyes to how clean and fresh one can feel when a professional is doing a shampoo.  I am a customer for life!’

As with all good salons, appointments are needed and requests for special services such as eyebrow trimming, or even nose hair trimming are welcomed.  The salon is safe and clean and Covid-19 guidelines are followed specifically as determined by the Canadian Health Department and the WHO (World Health Organization). 

If a male Canadian, it is well worth the time to visit this high-end salon with its exceptional stylists and services.  Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand!

About Fade Artist Barber Salon

With the primary location in Innisfil, ON but two other locations in Barrie and Bradford, Canadian men are discovering that the hair services, beard, and mustache trimming, and the relaxation of a great salon/lounge are well worth trying.  All types of services and haircuts exist, and each client’s overall expectations are discussed.  There is a form online at the website for quick booking as well as a phone and email.  Covid-19 guidelines are followed for safety.  Packages exist. 

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