Pandemic Mental Health Concerns Lead to Increase in Need for Addiction Services

Substance abuse is on the rise and has been since the beginning of the pandemic.  Many experts feel this is directly connected to the decline in mental health stemming from the shutdowns and economic impacts.

People are discovering that separation from friends, family, and everyday life affects their overall mental health. It’s also evident that the social and emotional impacts of working and attending school from home are beginning to become a problem. Though these compromises are necessary and help protect the physical health of everyone involved, they don’t necessarily account for the stress it puts on people who are used to seeing and interacting with other people, especially those who already have mental health issues.

This problem has increased with the difficulty of getting consistent mental health services, and even as things ease up in some areas, the current delta surge is making choices for some overwhelming.

Though it’s known that people may have mental health problems without addiction, those with addiction often have co-occurring mental health issues that need treatment. For example, suppose someone is recovering from alcohol addiction and has depression that’s now heightened by the nature of the pandemic. In that case, they may be more inclined to relapse, using alcohol in an attempt at self-medicating.

“There has been a clear increase in the need for addiction services. People are struggling to cope with the difficulties that come along with this pandemic, they’re struggling emotionally, economically and those who face addiction issues are suffering more than others. They no longer have their social support systems; sometimes, they can’t reach out to the people who have been there to help them through and gain their sobriety. There won’t be confirmed data for a while, but it’s easy to see with just the numbers that are coming out that there is a major need for drug rehab centers right now.” Said a spokesperson for Addiction Centers.

The ongoing pandemic situation and its unpredictable nature is taking a massive toll on people’s mental well-being. For some, the economic impact on their lives has been devastating. For others, the virus itself and the consequence it could have on their lives is enough to induce disabling anxiety. All of this is compounded by the fact that the everyday things people use to cope with stress are sometimes more challenging to do or off-limits right now.

Addiction treatment facilities are still functioning through the pandemic and provide support for those trying to get sober. There are programs that deal with both mental health and addiction at the same time.

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