Financial Literacy Icon Gianna Brown Coach Brings another Life-Changing Book “Just Rise Up: Hitting the Scene”

The acclaimed author is on a journey to transform countless lives for the better with her newly financial literacy books and training in diverse formats. From her signature Get Fin Lit Series Group Coaching to in-person sessions & short e-books, Brown is working to make financial literacy knowledge available to everyone.

Gianna Brown, a financial literacy coach known as The Money Cheerleader, recently penned down her second book titled “Just Rise Up: Overcoming personal and financial hurdles on your rise to the top” with an active campaign on Kickstarter for the big launch. It serves as a personal and financial development resource that inspires readers to achieve their goals and create the lifestyle they desire. In addition, Just Rise Up motivates people to build their resilience and offe actionable advice on being courageous under the most stressful circumstances. 

Just Rise Up: Hitting the Scene” takes everyone, regardless of age, on a journey up a staircase, from the basement of fear and frustration to the top floor of financial freedom. With each step, Gianna equips the reader with effective strategies to build a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. The book is designed to leave readers with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. It’s chock-full of useful advice that will help them develop a strategic, goal-oriented mindset, a must for any person who wants to conquer obstacles in their personal or professional life.

The Spelman and Auburn graduate has broken the mold in her debut book, “Budget like a Boss”, by giving readers a fresh perspective on using budgets to match life experiences over everyday expenses. Gianna challenges readers to think differently about the purpose of budgeting. By examining the budget through the lens of beautiful experiences and life goals instead of simple day-to-day expenses. Her books are practical, fun, and easy to read — making them approachable for anyone reading it.

Someone with a growth mindset who wants to help people develop effective financial literacy and leadership skills, Gianna Brown is that person. With a knack for public speaking, Gianna uses her experience as a licensed consultant to deliver highly successful financial literacy and leadership workshops across the country. She partners with people of all ages, from high-flying executives to budding individuals, to upgrade their mindset, execution, financial understanding, time management, and mindset transformation.

Gianna is a woman with an irrepressible passion for nurturing financial literacy across a wide range of demographics. The global powerhouse not only helps her clients create a financial plan with concrete goals in mind but walks them every step of the way. Her two programs, Get Fin Lit and Go Big, Get Better, have propelled people across the nation to their goal of financial literacy. Get Fin Lit is a cutting-edge and carefully researched educational resource for current and future scholars and their parents. The program teaches participants a cohesive and practical approach to financial literacy and covers topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, emotional health, financial literacy & community engagement. 

Empowering communities and sparking change are some of the core values of Gianna and her team. Being a staunch advocate of giving back, they have partnered with a diverse range of organizations, including colleges, corporations, churches, and families, to hold workshops designed to educate and uplift participants in all facets of life. With every effort and workshop, they aim to continue growing their positive impact in the local community that empowers locals to unleash their potential.

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