MimiBelt – Safely travelling while pregnant

Being pregnant is one of the best things that can happen to a person. Being pregnant means one is literally bringing a new person into the world!

A life force growing inside of them; their child, whom they get to show all the love in the world, and watch grow into a person of their own.

Truly most fulfilling!

Travelling around when pregnant can be extremely difficult. Care must be taken to ensure no discomfort comes to the child.

And traditional car seat belts, just don’t cut it.

They wrap across their body, and apply unnecessary pressure on their precious baby bump, putting their precious child at risk.

For years, pregnant women have had to deal with this risk when travelling.

That is, until now!

Introducing MimiBelt, a safety device designed to help women travel easily in cars without having to risk harming their baby due to pressure from traditional seat belts.

MimiBelt is designed to eliminate the pressure of a traditional seatbelt on a growing belly by using a 3-point seatbelt configuration, allowing for a safe and comfortable driving experience for the expectant mother.

MimiBelt makes travelling while expecting not only possible, but also, as safe as possible.

And even after delivery or after surgery, one can use MimiBelt to protect your still-sensitive belly while travelling.

See for yourself here: https://mimibelt.com/

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