Oliver Propane Solutions Helps Austin Residents and Small Businesses Thrive During the COVID

Oliver Propane Solutions Helps Austin Residents and Small Businesses Thrive During the COVID

August 23, 2021 – Austin, TX – Oliver Propane Solutions founder John Oliver started his propane company to help provide both residential and small businesses the best service in Austin, Texas. 

John noticed an underserved segment in the market and decided to put his decades of experience helping small businesses to work. This was apparent during the big storm earlier this year. With many families out of power, and no heating, most providers failed to pick up their phones. 

“The big companies often overlook residents when it matters most. You’re just not a priority.” John says. 

When the storm took out power for thousands of residents, John’s team worked around the clock to deliver propane and keep families warm. 

And it doesn’t stop there. In addition to residential propane delivery, Oliver Propane helps over 100 small businesses in their day to day operations. As a native of Austin, John’s goal is to provide amazing service to the community at the best price possible. 

“Having run small businesses, I know how important it is for things to run smoothly. We treat all our customers like family,” he says.

Many of John’s clients are small family owned businesses. 

For example, El Rincon Del Sabor on Old Manor Road. 

They rely on Oliver Propane to keep their small food truck running and told us:

“Oliver Propane is a great team of committed people. Mr. Oliver offers his personal services & makes sure you know that you don’t have to worry about propane anymore. They deliver to our door.”

“Their customer service is excellent. They take the time to check on you making sure your business has the propane to run smoothly,” the owner told us.

Some of these businesses wouldn’t have made it over the past year if it wasn’t for John and his team working around the clock. The importance of helping small businesses has only grown since the pandemic hit small brick and mortar businesses hard. 

“I love helping small businesses. We treat them like family”, says John. 

“If there’s a deeper meaning as to why they are in business, then we’d love to work with them,” he said.

It gives him more of an incentive to work with a business owner than the motivation of money. This has created long and happy relationships. Because of this, John says despite the economic downturn, his company’s growth and clientele have grown over the past year.

“They are not just clients. We partner with them and I do what I can to help them,” he said. “I love the way it feels when a small business owner is successful.”

About Oliver Propane Solutions: 

Oliver Propane Solutions is a propane supplier in the Austin, Texas area. We deliver propane to residential, commercial, and food trucks in the Austin area. We strive to provide the best service to our residential customers and do our best to help small mom and pop businesses achieve their full potential. This dedication to our customers helps us stand out in our industry. Visit our website at www.oliverpropanesolutions.com for more information on our services and what we do.

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