fast emerging as the go-to platform for industry-leading freelancing services in the US assures highly skilled freelancers for business owners and safe freelancing job opportunities, with absolute focus on client-centric service.

Atlanta, GA – August 23, 2021 – A fast rising online freelance job portal,, is redefining the US freelance marketplace and for better. Founded in Atlanta, GA, the company stands out with its unique hyper-focus on building the best company culture and client satisfaction, for both business customers and freelancers. assures to support businesses with expert professionals for any job and any budget, and also ensures a premium and comfortable work culture for freelancers. 

A rapidly growing name in the US-based freelancing sector, is dedicated to connect businesses of every size to highly skilled freelancers and professionals. The company is already operating in multiple countries and has made a name for itself for delivering quality experience for both businesses and freelancers. 

In an exclusive interview, Rasool Muttalib, founder of, shared that their USP lies in the unrivalled commitment to a culture of high-touch personalized service. Such a quality-centric dedicated approach makes it easy for businesses to get work done faster, easier, on-time, and on-budget. 

“What keeps ahead of the curve is our hyper-focus on delivering the best end-to-end experience for both business owners and freelancers. Unlike regular freelancing platforms we don’t bother about just creating a massive jungle of buyers and sellers – rather we believe in continuing to grow with one quality experience at a time”, stated Rasool. extends freelancing job opportunities as well as expert freelancers for a vast and versatile range of job categories, especially in the area of digital services. These cover- 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Logo Design
  • WordPress 
  • Voice Overs
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Beat-Making & Mixing/Mastering
  • Mobile App Development
  • Articles & Blog Posting
  • Book & eBook Writing
  • Podcast Production
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
  • Web Programming
  • E-commerce Development 

“Count on us as your one-stop platform when you are looking for highly skilled freelance pros or quality freelance job opportunities in any area of digital services. Whether you need a skilled logo designer or you are looking for a high paying Social Media Marketing project or need a voice-over artist or are in quest of a reliable mobile app development opportunity- we have got you covered on all these and more. Given our commitment to ensure the most premium service for business clients,  we do not release the payment until they confirm that the service has been performed to their satisfaction. For freelancers too, we guarantee quality job opportunities from only the most reliable and ethical business owners.”

Speaking on, Rasool emphasized that has been launched to address the gap in quality customer experience observed in the existing freelance market today. Per his statements, the regular freelancing platforms are majorly trending towards adding up the number of users and building market share. And amid all that, these companies have apparently lost focus on ensuring a “quality” customer experience. Following extensive research on the current freelance market, Rasool realized there is a growing need for a boutique offering in the industry that would always over-deliver on forwarding a customer-focused experience. It’s such ethos that led him to launch for the US freelancing marketplace.  

“Consider us as the emerging Chic Fil-A, Neiman Marcus or the Zappos of the freelancer industry. These iconic companies were launched at a time when their respective marketplaces were already brimming with scores of competitors offering the same services. But what helped them to stand out in the competition was their unparalleled commitment to customer experience that was missing out in their respective sectors. At Belancing, we too hold a maniacal focus on maintaining optimum client satisfaction and quality work culture; for us, technology should always be second to service. With the US freelancing world experiencing a serious lack of concern for customer experience for a while now, there could not be a better time to launch Belancing in Atlanta.” 

About the founder 

A tech veteran, Rasool Muttalib boasts around 2 decades of professional experience in the technology sector. He has worked across many industries before ultimately landing in fintech,   with special focus on data, analytics, and the business of technology. As a fintech specialist, Rasool had previously donned the designation of VP in one of the most prestigious Fortune 500 fintech companies. However, he has also been a freelancer at heart always, which, over time, led him to launch for the freelance marketplace. A man of many parts, Rasool has also authored and published a book back in 2016 titled “What’s Your Coffee Strategy?” (5-Stars on Amazon) outlining the blueprint he has used to build relationships, create value, and ultimately elevate his career. He has followed  those same principles and also the leanings he garnered from working in world’s largest tech companies to build

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