Marvin Mackey presents art that was buried for 40 years

New York-born artist crafts stainless-steel sculptures of modern art for homes and businesses

Boca Raton, FL – Marvin Mackey put his art career on hold for 40 years, but the New York-born and bred artist has now unleashed his work with customers paying as much as $650 to own a unique stainless-steel masterpiece. The artist produces sculptures made from stainless steel which is manipulated into unique, one-of-a-kind artworks for homes and businesses.

In Mackey’s own words, he is presenting “art that was buried for 40 years”. He spent four decades raising a family and didn’t have the time to focus on creating art. Now retired, Mackey is focusing on the dream that was put on hold. That dream was to produce thought-provoking sculptures from stainless steel. Mackey uses a highly reflective mirrored finish to his artwork, which makes a definitive statement in any home or business.

“Modern stainless steel is the medium of the 21st century,” Mackey said. “My sculptures are a series of well-defined lines that create excitement and movement. They make the eye move throughout the piece.”

Now residing in Boca Raton, Florida, Mackey’s sculptures have a crisp, cool appearance. The images and lines created by the twisted stainless steel make for endless viewing. Each sculpture is smooth and shiny, providing a centerpiece to any owner’s art collection. Mackey’s original sculptures will light up the room.

“Stainless steel has a distinct, sleek appearance, and many people associate the material with modern elegance,” Mackey explained. “The material provides a timeless look to any home or business; unlike a painting or other art medium.”

Mackey is fully focused on his artwork and aims to continue producing original sculptures for customers around the globe. To view Marvin Mackey’s stainless-steel sculptures or to purchase one, please visit

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