Kepler adopts innovative WTP Negotiation Booster to empower distributors with improved negotiation potential

Top boutique business management consultancy MNC helping businesses to sharpen negotiation with the support of advanced WTP Negotiation Booster software.

Chicago, IL – August 23, 2021 – Leading boutique business management consulting firm Kepler is pleased to announce its recent partnership with top Dutch procurement specialist WTP Buynamics. As part of the partnership, Kepler has adopted the breakthrough WTP software technology Negotiation Booster that is intelligently designed to boost potential of supplier negotiations in the Distribution scene.

Developed by WTP Buynamics, Negotiation Booster is an innovative “should cost” software program which makes negotiation more convenient by extending a complete overview of cost drivers with an index of material costs. The software program also provides a clear understanding of procurement performance. Another great bit about the state-of-the-art Negotiation Booster is that it can be installed conveniently without any support from the IT department. 

“We are excited to share that we have recently adopted state-of-the-art Negotiation Booster software program built by major Dutch procurement specialist WTP Buynamics. The process of negotiation can make or break your business; it’s an extremely crucial aspect that determines your business’ savings, ROI and turnover at the end of the year. Negotiation Booster is strategically designed to improve your negotiation prowess by supporting you with major deciding data that will eventually help you to come up with a calculated profit and savings-driven negotiation”, stated Pierre Rougier, Associate Director of Kepler.

Top features of Negotiation Booster:

  • « Should Cost » modeling 
  • Material cost indexing tool (with data on price evolution, exchange rate)
  • History of 1500+ commodities prices
  • History of other indices : overview of all cost factors such as energy, labor, overhead and profit
  • Volume impact modeling
  • Realistic well-calculated savings plan construction
  • Savings generation through real fact-based negotiations
  • Risk management of the commodity prices
  • Performance monitoring

“Taking advantage of WTP information KEPLER offers robust accompaniment supported by an innovative approach to sharpen the negotiations and to generate savings faster thanks to the knowledge of the acquisition price of commodities and the simulation of the impact of changes in different cost drivers”, explained Rougier.

Founded in 2007, Kepler is an esteemed international business management consulting firm that is dedicated to empower businesses to improve their efficiency to build a sustainable world. The company specializes in 4 major areas of excellence- Procurement Consulting, Innovation, Supply Chain, and Operations.  As a leading business management consultant, Kepler supports companies to improve the performance of their Innovation, Research & Development, Procurement performance, Operations, and Supply Chain. The company is based in the USA but also has offices in several other countries across the globe, including France, China, and India.

What keeps Kepler ahead of the curve is its “result-driven” approach. The company works with multiple identified sectors and holds serious references with big corporations and major investment funds. Over 60% of projects carried out by Kepler operate on a global scale. The company largely caters to Agrifood, Automotive, Air, Space and Defense, and Capital Goods industries. 

“We are committed to help businesses operate more efficiently so that they can play a key role in changing the world. We are backed by a team of Innovation, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Operations specialists who will empower your major business sectors with state-of-the-art strategies and consultancy.”

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