Dental Sports Protection Critical for Children Even During a Pandemic

As more people are skipping non-emergency checkups for dental health, it’s essential to remember that regular activities are starting to resume. One of those things is sports. People don’t always think of sports and dental health hand in hand, but studies have noted that up to forty percent of dental injuries in youth happen by not wearing mouth guards.

“Avoiding emergencies is important, maybe even more important during this pandemic. People aren’t coming into dental offices for their typical appointments as often, and skipping them isn’t helping anyone. It’s risking a lot, especially when it comes to kids. In children, a good portion of what a dentist does is preventative, and that’s not just watching out for cavities.” said a spokesperson.

Sports are dangerous, and for most, that is a risk worth taking, but parents work to do everything they can to minimize the risk for their children. Most parents wouldn’t allow their children to get on their bikes or skateboards without a helmet or play football without the proper protective gear. Unfortunately, one that often gets overlooked is the simple mouthguard.

Mouthguards can prevent minor and extensive dental injuries in a variety of sports. Mouthguards fabricated from high-quality materials and custom fit to a child’s mouth are the highest level of protection available and should be considered for all contact sports.

Custom fitting means that they are molded specifically to the child’s teeth to ensure a fit that can’t slide out of place, rendering them ineffective.  Hockey, lacrosse, football, and boxing are some of the top sports that should not be played without a mouthguard. Still, they have also been recommended for various other sports, including basketball, gymnastics, and skiing, to name a few.

Aside from providing the highest level of protection, custom-fitted mouthguards are significantly more comfortable than the other options. Children won’t be thinking about the game or sport if they wear a mouthguard that is uncomfortable or hurts. Most professionals will recommend going with the most comfortable option for the best protection.

“There are many precautions in place to ensure that dental appointments can continue safely even amid the pandemic, including masks, social distancing, and staff screenings. However, the damage done by participating in a sport without a properly fitted mouthguard can be permanent and extraordinarily painful, like a broken jaw.” Said a spokesperson for the office.

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