Importance of Keeping Up with Regular Health Visits Amid the Covid-19 Variant Surge

While a year and a half into the pandemic, studies have shown that people are skipping their regular healthcare visits. People avoid the medical offices for things they don’t consider essential, and it’s not necessarily the right choice for most people. Regular eye exams are just one example of something that has taken a back seat amid the pandemic, and in the beginning, this may have been necessary for safety reasons. Still, as more is discovered about the virus and the ways people can protect themselves, it’s no longer required to skip the non-essential appointments.

There are many things most patients would have gone to the doctor for in a pre-pandemic world, from simple dental check-ups to getting minor injuries checked to make sure there isn’t more significant damage. But it’s been shown that people will try to just get over it, and in some cases, that may be dangerous.

“Everyone is following strict guidelines and procedures to ensure that all patients are safe and protected from this virus. Understandably, people are concerned about going and doing anything that isn’t really needed, and in the beginning, that was a huge help. Still, now that the staff knows how to protect people, it’s safe to come in for things like eye exams, getting hearing checked, and just general appointments. It’s an integral part of taking care of themselves during this.“ Said a spokesperson.

Another thing people don’t think about is scheduling is a critical part of making sure a clinic meets those standards. Appointments shouldn’t be canceled unless there is a legitimate reason. Some clinics have fees for appointments that are no-show or canceling the same day. If a person does need to cancel, it’s best for them to do so as far ahead of time as possible. Clearly, emergencies can be exceptions to these fees.

“If a person is feeling sick or under the weather, in any way, they should reschedule the appointment. With delta being even more contagious than the previous version of covid, no one should take any excess risks. Another reason to cancel is if a person has been in contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19. Putting an appointment off for a couple of weeks to keep everyone safe is an entirely reasonable thing. It is just vital people understand that most medical procedures and appointments don’t need to be canceled unless there is a risk they already have covid.” The spokesperson added.

As the pandemic rolls up on year two, the whole world has to learn to do things differently than they used to. What people shouldn’t do, however, is neglect their health. It’s been shown clearly that the healthier a person is, the better their body can fight this virus. Doctors urge people to get their regular check-ups and go to dental appointments to help keep themselves healthy and safe.

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