JXL: An app to combine the power of Jira with spreadsheets

JXL: An app to combine the power of Jira with spreadsheets
• Recently, Jira customers from 190 countries were offered a tool that seamlessly converts Jira into spreadsheets.

• JXL ends the struggle of updating Jira issues in bulk and offers customizable table views without the need to export any data.

• JXL, an app that combines the power of Jira with the familiarity of spreadsheets, gained happy customers, received stellar reviews, and seed funding from Atlassian Ventures.

August 24, 2021 – Recently, Sydney-based software company Fine Software launched JXL for Jira Cloud, a must-have add-on that combines the power of Jira with the convenience of spreadsheets. Today, Fine Software is thrilled to announce that JXL has immediately gained many happy customers, received stellar reviews, and seed funding from Atlassian Ventures, the VC arm of Atlassian.

Several months back, Microsoft launched Microsoft Lists to organize work. Then Trello launched a table view, and most recently, GitHub also offered a table view. Airtable is already making databases understandable and accessible for anyone. Now, Google joins the table party with its new product Google Tables.

Tables are the new black, and ex-Atlassians Daniel Franz and Hannes Obweger, drawing on more than 15 years of combined experience leading teams at Atlassian, ensured that Jira is not left behind. They created JXL, and over 40000 Jira Cloud users tested it in the first three months. Their feedback was amazing, as JXL ended their struggle of updating Jira issues in bulk. It allowed them to manage their work by simply copying and pasting cell values. JXL improved their productivity in Jira with fewer clicks and less time. Most importantly, JXL made Jira as simple as working in Excel, Google Sheets, Airtable, or any other spreadsheets.

“There is a reason why Excel, Airtable, Smartsheet, and more recently Google Tables and GitHub Issues tables, are so wildly popular. Spreadsheets are a very intuitive and efficient way to get stuff done. Jira is used by project managers and software developers, dev ops, and IT audiences, but increasingly also by all sorts of other knowledge workers. All of whom love how JXL makes Jira much easier and faster. Everyone loves the simplicity of copying and pasting. It just saves lots of clicks and hours, and the use cases are practically endless.” – Daniel Franz, Co-founder, Fine Software.

Jira is the versatile project management software offered by Atlassian that caters to agile software development teams and beyond. But the tool comes with its own set of limitations. JXL addresses these with profoundly customizable table views right inside Jira. JXL emerges as a comprehensive solution that provides true enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and security to improve users’ Jira experience.

JXL for Jira Cloud is used to streamline teamwork, manage projects and portfolios, maintain backlogs and queues, plan sprints, track inventory, and more. It empowers businesses to save time and work smarter together. JXL is available on the Atlassian Marketplace and directly within Jira Cloud sites. Users can try a free version for one month and experience how JXL enhances Jira seamlessly. The Fine Software team is currently working on a version for Jira Data Center, which will also be available to users soon.

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Fine Software crafts software that solves real-world problems and helps get things done. Recently, the company raised seed funding from Atlassian Ventures. Co-founders Daniel Franz and Hannes Obweger bring extensive experience creating software to the table. They have worked with Atlassian and understand the challenges faced by Jira users. The company is on a mission to make Jira faster and easier to use.

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