Learn Online During COVID19 at Home and Acquire Skills to Earn Through Multiple Income Streams

iWON Digital Marketing offers one-on-one online training for kids and adults to equip them with skills to earn them money. With iWON to train and guide them, children can acquire practical knowledge that will hold them in good stead as they grow.

According to announcements released by iWON Digital Marketing, people are leveraging its expertise to learn online course at home. The courses on offer impart real-world skills that are in demand globally. Students who learn online during COVID19 are shielded from the virus. They do not have to travel and can make better use of their time. 

iWON consulting and coaching provides a customized training experience to ensure that students are exposed to work-related tasks and issues they’re likely to experience once they start working independently. Students learn how to think out-of-the-box and come up with solutions when they set up their internet business. 

The internet business consulting and coaching available at iWON is provided by experienced teachers who have succeeded with internet marketing in the real world. Their functional expertise and practical approach to developing capabilities are at the disposal of students. Once they have learned about online marketing, search engine marketing, domain and Cloudflare settings, web development, web hosting, image editing, website analytics, video editing, etc. The knowledge thus acquired can land them customers from all over the world. 

The courses offered are of particular value for kids. Parents who want their children to learn vocational skills safely can check out what iWON Digital Marketing offers. 

iWON delivers accurate feedback and provides positive support to students to surmount any difficulties in learning all the different aspects of setting up and progressing with an online business.

This includes leadership, employee accountability, teamwork, sales and marketing, communication, goal setting, and strategic planning. Students are counseled individually or in a group to impart insight that iWON has acquired by working in internet marketing. 

The online training class for kids aged 6-18 hands them the information and tools to build a website, learn about social media marketing, and take advantage of their time during the COVID19 pandemic. 

For more information, go to https://www.iwon.my/online-course/

iWON Digital Marketing said, “There are many reasons why our website development services are preferred by small businesses in Malaysia and abroad. We build websites featuring enhanced functionality, seamless UX and stunning visuals. Our team custom builds websites to suit a client’s needs taking into consideration the niche and user engagement. Google rewards properly designed websites built using clean code that is easier to load and run across different platforms and browsers. We know how to get that done. iWON keeps the customer informed about the progress and is always willing to share insights into the whys and wherefores of website development. We understand that you are competing in demanding marketplaces, and we do everything in our power to provide you with an advantage over your competitors. Our services are affordable and have enabled many small businesses to compete successfully with larger businesses.

We use the latest tools and proprietary software to provide you with end-to-end campaign management and reporting. Digital transformation of our client’s online properties is our specialty. 

About the Company:

iWON Digital Marketing has more than 12 years of experience in the field of internet marketing. Its custom web design and development solutions have helped businesses scale, meet growth objectives, and thrive in competitive niches.

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