Pinch Magic Fiber – Premium fiber that makes one feel good from the inside out

Five years ago, two friends, Matt Walker and Jason Ramin, set out to make a specific experience people have every day significantly better: going to the bathroom.

At first, the solution seemed simple. With 9 in 10 in the US not getting the daily recommended amount of fiber, an easy-to-take fiber supplement would be able to help millions of people improve their gut health. However, they were not satisfied with the options that existed, as they were either mostly sugar or packed with artificial and filler ingredients.

Matt and Jason spent a full year doing research and developing potential formulas before releasing Pinch Magic Fiber, the premium, all-natural, daily fiber supplement with just a ‘hint of’ lemon ginger flavor. They focused on three pillars: sourcing the absolute best quality ingredients, creating an amazing flavor people would want to take every day, and unparalleled customer service.

While their marketing is lined with subtle (and not-so-subtle) humor, the team at Pinch explained that it helps not only capture attention but makes the important topic of gut health – something that affects every single person – easier to talk about.

Based on their customer testimonials and reviews it is clear customers are delighted. What makes Matt and Jason most proud is how people with very specific and important needs have come to depend on Pinch Magic Fiber, from customers with serious digestive health issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease to pregnant women and even to members of the US Special Operations Forces.

Pinch Magic Fiber is still family & friends owned, and can only be purchased on their website, where their ‘direct to consumer’ approach helps deliver the best quality ingredients at affordable prices.

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Phone: (800) 417-6708
City: Santa Monica
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