Regimus University Fights to Empower Citizens to Reverse Systemic Generational Discrepancies in Marginalized Communities

Minority-Owned Consulting Firm Deploys Community Catalysts as Strategic Cornerstone Agencies Empowered to Govern with Acumen, Prowess

HOUSTON, TX – August 24, 2021 – Regimus University open enrollment is underway for leaders looking to build capacity and equity in their community through youth development ecosystems that provide cornerstone solutions and economic impact to their communities.

The university’s program provides strategic training and tactical outreach resources to empower grassroots efforts to reverse systemic generational discrepancies in communities while connecting leaders to vested stakeholders. The program deploys strategic solutions to restore opportunity youth leaders and proactively address early education systems.

“I am so excited to work with our students to help build the next generation. I’ve had the pleasure of working with key stakeholders, to who I’ve been waiting for over 20 years to introduce other catalysts,” shared LeaVonda Robinson, the founder and president of Regimus University.

This Navy Veteran served over 20 years as a consultant to workforce development boards, mayor’s offices, school districts, juvenile justice programs, foster programs, faith-based organizations, federal and state programs, as well as other agencies that served youths.

She shared many times stakeholders have funding and are looking for solutions to deploy capacity and equity building community services. Moreover, the program empowers students with the background knowledge and templates to deploy their program, which includes not for profit business plan, an RFP template, strategic and tactical plan templates, curricula, and other resources to deploy a formidable youth program.

“Building a self-sustaining youth development ecosystem requires strategic planning and resources to facilitate and guide the youth, as they began to interact with the protective measures that empower them to change the trajectory of their lives and the community.”

“We want them safely empowered to address systemic issues, traumas, and empowered to lead their communities. And it takes a village of leaders like our strategic partners to change the trajectory of their communities.

“Disconnection of youth is happening in various social-economic groups because of generational traumas and other risk factors. This is something we address in the classes and also how to deploy protective measures to counteract these challenges while connecting the youth to their ability to govern.”

Regimus University is currently offering a 70% off coupon to ignite the catalysts program in their communities. The coupon code is BACK2SCHOOL and it expires on August 31, 2021. The coupon code provides individual licenses to the class and program for $148.50 and the group agency licenses for teams are $1,498.50, which also includes 10 months of program management support. Both licenses provide access to the membership portal with bonus resources and a catalysts community board. Classes are limited.  Community catalyst are welcome to enroll in Regimus University upcoming cohort class

To invest in grassroots efforts in communities through Regimus University or for more information, visit or email

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Regimus University, where systemic catalysts govern, is the online training division of BattleGroup Communications, Inc. dba Regimus, a systemic catalyst communications management consulting firm that supports agencies, by designing and building self-sustaining community development ecosystems to change cities and nations.

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