Interior Waterfall Wall Design and Materials by Midwest Tropical

When people talk about Interior Waterfall Wall design, the limits are not present. Midwest Tropical can recommend certain points that, if taken into account, will surely enrich the experience of having an interior wall waterfall. The style of the wall waterfall depends on the tastes and objectives of the user. It can vary from a minimalist waterfall formed by smooth surfaces, concrete elements; or to recycled materials resistant making an eclectic composition of styles that include diverse materials such as glass, aluminum, resins, porcelain elements, mosaics, etc.

In the design of an indoor waterfall wall, slopes are very important since the aesthetic dynamism of the waterfall on the wall will depend on these a very successful element in designing an indoor wall waterfall is the lighting that accompanies the water and the stone, generating textures from the shadows.

Interior wall waterfalls: technical recommendations  

We always suggest that to make the most of any interior wall waterfalls built, a professional can do it. A wall waterfall is no exception since the elements that make up our fountain can give us later problems if not handled with good judgment. Waterproofing is subject to many factors such as the design of the fountain or waterfall, location, materials to be used, size, etc. We could cite countless examples of our waterfall, and for each one, we should find an effective waterproofing method.

Among the most common are water-repellent additives placed in the mortar mix for plasters and concretes, penetrating sealants for smooth and porous surfaces, acrylic and asphalt waterproofing agents, etc. As mentioned before, we have a wide variety of materials that can be used in this type of project, among several: natural stone, concrete, stainless steel, glass, polycarbonate, wood, etc. The correct interrelation between these will result in a balanced set in aesthetics, durability, and operation. 

Installation of a waterfall on the wall

For the inside waterfalls to be installed, the connections must be taken into account with responsibility from planning. Electrical installations are necessary either for the recirculation pump, lighting, or an ornamental detail required by the set.

Build private custom waterfalls

  • People must know the type of equipment that we are going to need for custom waterfalls. Equipment requires 110V or 220V electrical outlets, greater or less power in HP (horsepower). 
  • People cannot ignore the importance of the pipe diameter that will lead to the waterfall’s water. This diameter is a function of the dimensions and design of the source and the water pressure necessary to drive it at different distances from the waterfall. 
  • A recirculation pump is a small and commonly submersible equipment that guarantees the aesthetics and acoustics of its operation. To choose the type of pump, some aspects such as its power must be clear; the most widely used HP of power, for standard projects with a referential dimension of 2.50m wide and 2.0m high.
  • Note that the pumps have a mechanism that allows us to regulate the pressure with which the water is thrown. Thus we guarantee that the water from the source does not splash and a correct operation related to our objective.

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