Best Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas: The 2020 & 2021 Real Estate Market Is Affected In Many Different Ways

The pandemic has certainly affected how many work and conduct business on a daily basis. One industry that has not changed much is the real estate industry.

Joe Cervantes Real Estate, a real estate agency serving Las Vegas, Nevada, has noticed the industry has continued strong with very little change.

Closing prices, like always, have fluctuated up and down, but one thing that has remained steady is the value of the homes in the area. Most homes are moving at or above asking prices. The reason for the influx of home purchases is likely due to the number of people leaving California for Nevada – escaping the high cost of living and taxation.

Cervantes and his real estate agents of Las Vegas, Nevada, make sure to understand all of the smaller elements of the city and surrounding areas. This way they are able to find properties that meet specific needs of their client base. So far, the team has yet to fail in finding someone their dream home in the Las Vegas area.

“I believe a good number of those moving to the area are because more and more people are working remote. There is no need to live in California while working remote when you can move to Nevada with a better cost of living and still complete your job successfully,” said Cervantes, on behalf of one of the top real estate agencies in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Homes’ values have not been heavily impacted. Closing prices have had their ups and downs through the years, but the general trend has been up. People are finding Las Vegas more attractive now due to the lower cost of living and many are moving from more expensive states such as California.

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