Break Method Disrupts Mental Health Space with Sustainable Protocol to Break Cycles of Codependence

Break Method is being adopted globally as a sustainable solution to the mental health crisis from the high-level CEO to the prison inmate.

August 24, 2021 – With the mental health crisis exponentially on the rise, tech entrepreneurs are working tirelessly to launch the next big app to make a meaningful difference and churn a large profit along the way. There’s only one glaring problem – the mental health crisis cannot be solved with an app. The human experience cannot be cleverly bio-hacked with the right algorithm or piece of code.

The problem is not access or even desire to heal. The majority of human beings are struggling to understand what drives their behavior at the core level. They want to change but struggle to do so even when they recognize the destruction they leave in their wake. At least 75% of Americans have purchased a self-help book or considered talking to a therapist in their lifetime. This means they possess an awareness of the behavior holding them back or triggering a ripple effect of negative relationships in their lives but they are not yet learning how to stop the behavior.

Spearheaded by serial entrepreneur and wellness expert Bizzie Gold, Break Method first launched their public offerings in 2017 and have grown 300x reaching clients in over 26 countries. Break Method’s industry disruptive approach uses an intentionally structured self-inquiry process that teaches students to discover, map and assimilate all of their behavioral patterns in a practical and actionable way. Unlike traditional approaches which put the client into a narrative-driven call and response, Break Method bypasses the brain’s innate protective reflexes to help the student extract the important and meaningful information tied to the brain patterns currently running their lives on autopilot. The end result? Students are finally able to move beyond awareness of their destructive behaviors and into the seat of practical understanding and intentional action. The generational impact of this work can be seen with incoming student groups to Break Method where it is not uncommon to have children, mothers, fathers and now grandparents participating in the program at the same time.

Break Method first branched out from private clientele to charitable work with the public sector with the introduction of their prison program in 2019. This Break Method approach changed the lives of inmates, prison employees and guards alike in their short two-day intensive workshop. The ripple effect of this work was quantified by prison personnel who confirmed that 40% of workshop attendees did not return to prison when released within a 12 month period.

Break Method programming is available globally in an online-based platform that blends a series of one-on-one sessions with easy to understand video lectures to help students from all walks of life and income levels achieve sustainable behavioral change. Corporate wellness, charitable coursework for communities in need and private seminars are also available by request. With their industry-disruptive approach, accessibility and global reach, Break Method is positioned to take a meaningful run at the growing mental health crisis and deliver results that last for generations.

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