As the world gets ready for the metaverse, SPACE partners with major brands to launch the future of immersive shopping.

Aug 24, 2021 – Do you crave to have more real experiences than Zoom? Do you miss the ability to be together? To go shopping together again? Can’t wait for Coachella to announce the post-covid festival?

Enter SPACE, your immersive social experience. Having already partnered with top streetwear brands, art galleries, and music artists, SPACE promises to provide engaging social experiences that will one day replace website experiences. Claiming to be the Etsy and Eventbrite 2.0, this Switzerland based startup wants to change the way you think about shopping and attending events. “The walkable internet is upon us”, says the founder Batis Samadian of SPACE.

Attracting an All-Star team in its first 13 weeks of existence including top talent from the gaming and crypto industry brands like Electronic Arts, CD Projekt RED, Call of Duty, DashNext, Chain Guardians and many more.

SPACE has already created a cult-like following from the top blockchain VCs at a $20 million seed round valuation. While undisclosed, they can confirm the majority of the round has already been raised with overwhelming demand.

“We have re-invented the wheel and are about to disrupt the whole industry,” said Saeed Yazdizadeh; Strategy & Operations Officer at SPACE. Throughout the pandemic people have used Red Dead Redemption and Minecraft and similar metaverse video games to stay in touch in more fun and immersive ways. With Decentraland and Cryptovoxels the crypto space got involved with social immersive experiences similar to VRChat but with a focus on user generated content. These spaces have quickly become use cases for NFT Galleries, Virtual Events and Master Classes.

The time has come for the next frontier post flat e-commerce experiences. People want to feel more immersed in digital experiences. Over the last decade, fanatic gamers and kids built their own lands in Minecraft, Roblox and other virtual worlds. Since the NFT boom, more interest has been placed in creating social immersive experiences by creative professionals in Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. The final step is to offer people a way to browse 3-dimensionally and experience shopping and events in immersive ways with friends and like-minded people. “Some industries currently have a real urgency to adapt to virtual worlds and are lacking the builder tools to easily create 3D experiences. We are seeing users force an interaction that they do not have the tools for in current virtual worlds” said the SPACE founder.

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