Author Bernada Rojko narrates her own life story of fleeing towards a better life in her stirring book, “Escape Across the Border”

The tale, which is based on the true story of a couple fleeing the horrors of communism, takes readers into the author’s account of braving extreme hardships to find a good life.

Author Bernada Rojko brings a courageous tale about her own journey of leaving her homeland and families to escape over the border and look for a better life in her book, “Escape Across the Border.” 

The book revolves around a young couple’s escape into Austria to find freedom from the oppressive communistic government that took over Yugoslavia after World War II. 

It takes a dive into the couple’s despair under a tyrannical regime, their desperate struggle to survive, their attempt to cross the border, and their struggle to find a better life in Canada. 

To cross the border, they walked for three days with very little water and no food. They made a miraculous crossing of a very heavily patrolled bridge several miles from the border.  

When finally arriving at the border, they found themselves nearly surrounded by border guards. They had stumbled into a guarded encampment and were barely able to hide in a small brush. 

The border guards seemed to be everywhere, and they were carrying sub-machine guns over their shoulders. Had Nadia and Rudy been discovered where they lay, they would have been shot and killed instantly. 

The book is a true story of Nadia’s and Rudy’s lives in Yugoslavia, their desperate and miraculous escape into Austria where they were interned in a refugee camp for fourteen months, and their final release to Canada, where they continued their quest for a better life. 

Bernada Dragar Rojko, known as Nadia or Nada in her native country, Yugoslavia, was born into a low-income family of nine sisters and one brother.

The loss of their mother when Nadia was only eight, coupled with the adverse effects of the Second World War and their almost impossible search for food, intensified the agony of her early growing up years. 

Nadia and her future husband grew up during the oppressive rule of Josip Broz Tito. They both spent miserable childhoods, between the personal hardship of surviving without much food and the restrictive nature of the political regime which had gained control of the government in their country. 

For the two of them to find a better life, they had to avoid the armed militia patrolling the travel routes and the border guards at the border and escape into Austria. 

Nadia and Rudy were willing to sacrifice everything they had for a chance to live better. They found it necessary to leave their homeland and families, brave extreme hardships, and risk indescribable dangers of being killed to escape the border and find a good life. 

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