Explains Why Plantation Shutters Serve as the Perfect Window Dressing for Homes Explains Why Plantation Shutters Serve as the Perfect Window Dressing for Homes

Visit a window treatments retailer and the odds are plantation shutters will have a prominent display in the store. These window treatments have come into fashion once again, and it is easy to see why. Many homeowners find this is their window dressing of choice. Why is this the case? What makes plantation shutters so popular today?


People want to save money on their energy bills. At the same time, they want to remain comfortable in their home. Plantation shutters keep heat in a room when closed. For this reason, homes with single-glazed windows benefit greatly from the addition of these window treatments. Furthermore, white shutters in the summer months help to reflect heat away from the home when they are closed. As a result, the home stays cool and comfortable. Use the shutters with extra resources to keep energy bills within reason all year.

Fresh Air

Indoor air contains more pollutants than the air humans breathe outdoors, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Allow fresh air to flow through the home with the help of plantation shutters. Residents often dread opening their windows because they don’t want their curtains flapping in the breeze and they worry about insects making their way into the home. The shutters prevent these problems while allowing clean air into the home to provide natural ventilation.


Nobody wants strangers looking into their homes. They prefer having privacy, and the shutters allow them to choose the desired level of privacy. Close the slats and ensure prying eyes cannot see anything in the home.

According to, individuals living on busy roads benefit greatly from the addition of the shutters, as a person cannot know who is passing by and seeing into their houses. They eliminate this concern by installing plantation shutters.

However, the shutters can be opened when desired to allow light and air to flow into the home.  A person may open the top section of the shutters or open them completely. Owners loving having control over their privacy at all times.

An Investment in the Home

Plantation shutters hold up with time. Although a person pays more at the time of purchase, they see an excellent return on their investment over the lifespan of the window treatments. The shutters never go out of style, unlike many options today, and won’t need replacement as often. Visit Doors Plus to see the options available and find the shutters that best complement one’s  home.

Curb Appeal

Looking at The best colourful kitchens to inspire your home decor, one may see many homes have window shutters today. The shutters add to the interior decor of the home while enhancing the curb appeal. Curtains and drapes lack this appeal from the street. Make certain the home provides the right impression to visitors with the help of the shutters.

Plantation shutters add value to any residence. The fashionable window treatments require little maintenance and remain fashionable even as other window fashions come and go. If one has yet to consider this window dressing option, do so today. 

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