Maximizing The Value Of New Multi-Million Dollar House

There is a new trend where savvy buyers are leveraging the combined professional skills and knowledge of realtors and architects to locate and purchase the perfect lot for their luxury home. Here is what they have learned.

The real estate professional can find the most exquisite site for your home, whether a vacant lot or a tear-down. The realtor maintains a network of resources, knows the local market, comparable properties, inventory, financing options, and is familiar with off-market properties.

The architect can create a compelling design with a floor plan to take the best advantage of the site. Working with a Top 50 residential architect can increase the value of the property by up to 40%, as compared to mainstream architects.


The architect knows how to maximize the buildable square footage and estimate the total construction cost. They provide valuable expertise by determining, with a proforma (financial feasibility study), the maximum price per square foot to spend on construction and how the cost relates to the style for a specific site.

Working as a team, the architect and Realtor provide a greater combination of skills and knowledge to achieve a refined and accurate proforma, whether a home built from the ground up or a remodeled existing dwelling. Without their collaboration, a proforma may lack the intelligence from each profession and miss the opportunity to achieve a high ROI (Return on Investment.)

Life is unpredictable. Over time, your lifestyle and circumstances will change. When you shift from one path to another, your new multi-million-dollar house should deliver a handsome return and support the transition from one location to another.

Studio KHORA is pleased to be associated with top Fort Lauderdale realtors and top Miami realtors, in addition to Gary Kittredge, Maine realtor, member of the National Association of Realtors. Gary works with Studio Khora clients to discover their ideal property, from Maine to Cape Cod.  

About Studio Khora

Studio KHORA, with its genesis from Rex Nichols Architects, specializes in cutting-edge ultra-contemporary single-family luxury homes and has won 11 American Institute of Architects awards for their compelling and sustainable designs, and has been named a Top 50 Residential Coastal Architecture Firm for the past six consecutive years by Ocean Home magazine. Rex Nichols Architects was founded in 1985 and has completed hundreds of projects worldwide.

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