CALL LAW APP Version 2.0 Available for IOS and Android

CALL LAW APP Version 2.0 Available for IOS and Android
“Injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE!”

SIOUX FALLS, SD – After nearly a decade dedicated to deepening community access to legal resources and fighting inequities within the justice system, Call Law App is excited to share the launch of Version 2.0 of its app.

Equipped with faster operating system software and a user interface that’s easier to navigate than ever before, Version 2.0 of the Call Law App is making quality legal representation more accessible than ever before. The updated version also includes a built-in video and audio safety recording functionality, and features a new 30-Day Travel Coverage option for anyone visiting the United States.

Call Law App was originally born out of a desire to help people from all walks of life access the same amount and quality of legal resources. Although the old wisdom tells us that justice is blind, the unfortunate reality is that not all people in the United States receive equal representation under the law — and it’s not hard to connect the dots between an individual’s socioeconomic background and the types of treatment they receive.

“We wanted to do this project so it could genuinely help people,” said Quinton Manning, owner and founder of Call Law App LLC. “Educating our users about their rights and freedoms is important to us. Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts in situations is an amazing and responsible life policy.”

Call Law App puts the power back into the hands of the people by levelling the playing field, providing a personalized, high-powered legal resource that can be accessed anywhere in the U.S. The app serves all 50 states and 5 commonwealths, and features a 24/7 call center that’s set up to answer your legal questions, right when you need them answered.

With Call Law App, users can contact a lawyer, arrange bail, notify their loved ones of their situation and location, and avoid the terrifying feeling that they are facing their situation alone and without options. Whether it’s a routine traffic stop or an emergency situation, Call Law App can provide access to top criminal lawyers and bail bond providers at the touch of a button.

Call Law App offers three tiers of coverage: Single Coverage, which covers membership for one individual ($117.90/year); Family Coverage, which covers 2-5 individuals ($87.90/year per person) and Group Coverage, which covers 6-10 individuals ($69.16/year per person). Call Law App also offers Advanced App Coverage, which includes 10 Hours attorney access or representation, up to $10,000 in bail bond coverage and 150 prepaid phone or video call minutes ($49.75/year).

Everyone deserves access to fair and affordable legal services in the palm of their hands, no matter what their background or situation looks like. The scales of justice may never be truly balanced, so in the meantime, use the Call Law App today.

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