Korea’s largest self-design fabric shopping mall, Chungage, launched in the U.S.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumers’ consumption patterns. According to a report by the Conference Board, 64 percent of U.S. consumers actively cut down on their spending in 2020 as the pandemic began. In particular, spending on movies, clothing, and entertainment decreased, and spending on health care, food, and home decoration/DIY increased significantly

Among them, spending on Home Decor/DIY category showed the most significant growth. This is because people can make necessary items at a low price and it is a great activity to be done at home as people spend more time at home. DIY products are diverse, from small household items such as bags, hand mirrors, masks to large household items such as clothing and bedding.

Under current circumstances, a fabric-specialized shopping mall will be launched in the US that will make DIY hobbies more enjoyable. Chungage, established in 2006, has become Korea’s No. 1 textile shopping mall based on their efforts in constantly researching customer needs and dedicating their resources to product development. Chungage designs and produces fabrics directly without an intermediate margin to provide the most affordable prices, which captivates customers.

Considering that fabric needs vary depending on the purpose and use of the product, Chungage has various fabric products that cannot be found in other shopping malls. Fabrics such as cotton, linen, waterproof, rayon, microfiber, gauze, leather, organic, etc., and silk, padding, knitwear, towel selected to match the trends are all provided at reasonable prices. Chungage also provides DIY subsidiary materials, and that customers can buy all of the materials at one stop.

Chungage always strives to provide customers with the best experience possible and has also launched an official YouTube channel. Videos of how various products like cushions, bags, clothes are made and as well as some informational videos on new types of fabrics will be uploaded. These detailed videos are subtitled in English for beginners to start on their projects.

Kwon Oh-myeon, CEO of Chungage, announced his ambition to develop Chungage into a global comprehensive shopping mall by developing customized fabrics and holding various events and exhibitions as the company launches in the US market.

Their products can be found on the official website.

Internet Shopping Mall URL: http://www.chungage.com/

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