Nashville-based, Middle Tennessee State University Student, Jae Phillips, Releases His New Single “Party All Night”

Jae Phillips is a Nashville-based artist, producer, and songwriter who produces music to express his feelings out to the world.

Nashville, TN – Music is a feeling. It is the expression of emotions and thoughts in a lyrical way that creates inspiring songs. Only artists who produce it with heart have the talent to truly engage listeners in their songs. A student of Audio Production at Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, TN, Jae Phillips is one such artist that sings with feeling and creates a sensation of real emotions with his music. He has recently launched a new track titled “Party All Night” that simply gives you feel-good vibes.

In addition to writing and performing his new song, he also produced the music, which is rare in the music industry.  “I’m doing what I love”, says the 21-year old college student who also spends much of his time making a living producing music for other artists. “I use music to provide an outlet, and an extension to express what I feel. I have always had a passion and love for music.”

That passion certainly can be felt in his new single. “Party All Night” is an R&B feel-good song that is reminiscent of great music from the late 80’s and 90’s. 

Jae’s love for music helps him stand out and be an exceptional songwriter, attracting everyone who listens to his songs. “Party All Night” exemplifies that perfectly. It represents those who put in hard work during the week and can finally let loose for the weekend. The song captures listeners, putting them in the mood for dressing up, meeting up with friends, clubbing, getting drinks, and dancing to the heart’s content! All of it summed up beautifully in one 4-minute single “I wanted to create something that allows people to feel free, let go, and have a great time!” says Phillips.

Jae’s love for music is what he uses as a receptacle and an extension of himself to demonstrate how he feels. He has been exposed to various musical genres since childhood and has never bounded himself into any one style. He listens to what he likes, irrespective of the type, and can produce music in just about any genre. It is what makes him an exceptionally talented music producer, artist, and songwriter. His ultimate goal is to reach out to people globally with the music he creates.

For Jae, music is intangible; it is something to sense. That is the theme of “Party All Night”: a lyrical way to bring people together in a way that only music can. It is a way to get away and escape. “I wanted to create something that allows people to feel free, let go, and have a” great time!” says Phillips. He has certainly done that with “Party All Night”.

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