As Second Child Tax Credit Checks Go Out, Support Grows

The August distribution of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) that reaches a majority of American families with children has strengthened the support for this response to the economic conditions originally brought on by the pandemic:

Demands to make the CTC permanent are growing as well because, unlike the federal social welfare programs that are means tested and come with numerous strings attached, the CTC is a direct cash transfer without any intermediaries. It bolsters the concept that in the richest nation in the history of the world, insuring the nurture of its children should be a priority.

Gisèle Huff, president of the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity whose mission is to raise awareness Universal Basic Income (UBI) and promote its understanding, acceptance and implementation, stated: “Like all sweeping policy changes that affect the lives of the majority of Americans, the idea of cash payments as a dividend from the prosperity all of us help create is gaining ground, and is being organized into a movement to demand it.” To that end, the Fund is working with the Income Movement, the premiere grass roots organization that helps mobilize and channel support.

It isn’t only the CTC that has garnered support, it is also the three stimulus checks that were sent directly to the American people since the pandemic began: Given the size of the federal budget that includes subsidies to entities creating catastrophic climatic problems, the bloated, ever-increasing size of the military budget, and the richest American who evade taxation, it becomes clearer and clearer that some portion of the wealth should be distributed to the people who have helped generate it.

Huff added: “Together with the proliferation of local UBI pilots that will add evidence to the already well documented benefits of giving people money, we are at the heart of organizing the most important economic movement of the 21st century to end inequality for ourselves and the next generation.”

Because this is such a far-reaching concept that has the potential of impacting all our lives and certainly that of our children who will face the additional challenge of technological unemployment as AI gains a stronger hold in our economy, the Fund has launched a go-to site of up to date news about UBI edited by world-renowned proponent Scott Santens and where you can follow the many aspects of this topic on a daily basis

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