How to Transition Back to the Office

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How to Transition Back to the Office

Transitioning from sweatpants to formal suits is never easy, and pandemic anxiety acts as a cherry on the top. You might have gotten a little too comfortable working from your bed in a T-shirt but, guess what? Work is transitioning from online to offices.

Worried? Don’t be, because, over time, you will get used to your old routine again. So, let’s find out how you can make your transition from the couch to the office desk easier!

Take It Slow

We know that sudden changes might make the transition harder, and because of that, you may face discomfort in your initial days at the office. It can also affect your concentration and willingness to work. The key to solving this situation is to take things slow and follow the “one day at a time” rule.

Moreover, you don’t have to push yourself too hard on the first day. Try talking to your manager and start transitioning by working a hybrid schedule, like two days working from the office for the first few weeks. Make your way up gradually, and know that you will get used to it soon. 

Employers who implement a hybrid schedule will help their employees adjust better to the changes. Many people will miss the flexibility of working from home, so be willing to maintain some flexibility as they adjust.

Make Sure That Your Workplace Is Safe 

Pandemic anxiety can affect your mental health, but being cautious and following safety measures can help you keep that anxiety at bay. Make sure that your office is following all the necessary precautions to keep the employees safe from Corona.

Employers should do all they can to ensure workers coming in feel safe and comfortable back in the environment. Creating a safe place to work will ensure employees are happy and productive.

Why Is The Transition Important? 

To keep you motivated and inspired, you have to give your best in your work field. Discuss all the reasons for transitioning with your manager to know that you are doing the right thing. Open your mind to the answers because you might be too comfortable at home to understand any reasons to work from the office. Get dressed and have some Monday motivation. 

For employers, it is essential to communicate the importance of moving back into the office. Be transparent in the reasoning, and don’t be afraid to show statistics and numbers to back up your case.

Alter Your Routine 

Want to outdo yourself? Then alter your routine. If you want to get back on track, follow your office routine and wake up at your work time, even at home. The pandemic has made all of us addicted to pajamas. Now, dressing up daily might be your biggest obstacle, so try to get up and get a bit dressed even before the office starts. Also, be comfortable with that routine before your office finally opens. 

Employers may want to consider making returning to the office optional. A solution like this can make employees more comfortable with the return and build trust within the team.

Try to be excited about going back to the office! If you need help determining your strategy for transitioning back to the office, contact Executive Compass! Executive Compass Executive offers you the best Strategic Assessment, Planning, Coaching, and Leadership Development in the Human Resources field.

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