Ex-Drug Addict, Simon Jordan Takes God’s Healing Power to the Philippines, Records Tons of Testimonies

Jordan establishes online ministry, Marvel Christian Centre in Asia, uses technology to reach people worldwide whilst exercising the healing power of God

Simon Jordan, is using his online ministry to reach people worldwide and he is recording a ton of healing testimonies alongside his wife, Flordelyn. A previous drug addict, Simon and Floredelyn left Australia to the Philippines as missionaries after selling everything. There they began to see the Holy Spirit move supernaturally and heal people from all forms of cancer to blind eyes, to diabetes to a boy waking up from a coma.

Founded on the biblical principles in Matthew 10:8 – to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons, their ministry, Marvel Christian Centre is an online church that uses technology by the help of God “the Almighty” to bring salvation and healing to people all over the world. Marvel Christian Centre is centered on leading people to salvation and praying for healing in the name of Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit led preaching.

All services are conducted online and Simon affirms that God’s miracles and anointing is felt at the livestream services. Believers and non-believers experience healings and blessings and they confirm that it is unlike anything they ever witnessed before. Simon Jordan through Jesus has performed so many creative miracles. This includes complete healing from all sicknesses and diseases such as cancer, blindness, deafness, diabetes, strokes, asthma and renewing of people’s minds. Since the church started, there have been multiple testimonies from believers across the world including healing from spiritual attacks, pains among others.

According to Fidelia, she had black spots in both her eyes and that resulted to a blurry vision. She got healed completely after Simon Jordan prayed for her. Fevelyn also testified of being healed from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She has her period after going 4 months without it.

As an online ministry, believers can send in their prayer requests via the church’s website and have their prayers attended to by the church team. Away from performing restoring and reformative miracles, the church is also focused is on making sure God’s children know the love of Jesus who died for them on the cross, and know him in all his fullness.

According to the founders, “God has a plan for all of us and we are here to help you know God and his plans for your life. We are here to lift you up and not knock you down, to teach you and encourage you that you are made in the image of Jesus Christ. You are a child of God no dream is to big all things are possible through your creator the Lord our God.”

For more information on services at Marvel Christian Centre, visit their website – www.marvelchristiancentre.com  

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