Viking Warrior showcases a beautiful lineup of Axes

The New York based company releases a new line of Viking axes, including some historically accurate museum-quality reproductions with exquisitely detailed engraving.

Fans of Nordic and Scandinavian mythology have always been fascinated by the types of weapons used by the warriors. From Thor’s Mjolnir to Odin’s Gungir, each one of us has fantasized about wielding these beautiful weapons, appreciating their beauty and craftsmanship in real life. Although the weapons didn’t exist in real life, Vikings did, and they were every bit Majestic and ruthless as the weapons they wielded. Viking Warrior shirts based in New York aims to replicate the weapons wielded by the Vikings. 

Viking Warrior as an apparel brand was designed by two friends with a shared love of all things Viking. They offer hundreds of products from t-shirts and Viking hoods to jewelry to home décor. To fulfill the thirst for beautifully crafted apparel from a worldwide consumer base, they have partnered with some artisans who deliver from other states and sometimes internationally. Recently they have announced a new line of Viking axes, which include some museum-quality reproductions with exquisitely detailed engraving.

The crown jewel of their collection is this museum-quality Dane axe with an engraved handle which lets it function as a wood splitter, although it’s meant to be decorative. The axe is loosely based on the bearded axe used in the Viking era. Combining both traditional and modern techniques, this axe mimics the rustic look of a well-used Viking blade. The handle is made of oak wood, it is fully covered in 3D relief featuring original early medieval patterns. The main motif on this handle is Jellinge Norse Drake and it also features other ornamental patterns done in full 3D. It is stained and finished with boiled linseed seed oil and transparent varnish.

Another beautifully crafted Axe in this series is the Nidhoggr hand-carved Viking hand axe. Deriving its name from the dragon that lives in the roots of Yggdrasil in Nordic mythology, the axe sports a hand-carved dragon on the handle. Hand-covered by patina and impregnated and covered by tung oil, this piece looks almost decorative. But don’t let the beauty fool you, it has the hardness of high carbon steel (56-57 Rockwell), five wedges, and two additional spiles which means that this axe was meant to be used as a tool for extended periods.

According to a spokesperson from Viking warrior “Some of the axes can be made as a custom axes by adding your name, initials or any other symbols on a handle or head. All the axes are functional and can be used as a tool. The best axe for woodcutting is the Dane axe. It is heavy duty, and it can hack wood easily.” 

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