What Are Some Practices Every Company Must Adhere to When It Comes to Cloud Data Security according to Realtimecampaign.com?

What Are Some Practices Every Company Must Adhere to When It Comes to Cloud Data Security according to Realtimecampaign.com?

Every company needs to implement cloud computing data security best practices. Doing so helps to protect the company and everybody it interacts with. Many challenges exist when it comes to cloud computing data security, and these practices help to address the challenges. 

A Cloud Security Strategy

Every company needs a comprehensive cloud security strategy. This strategy needs to incorporate ownership and accountability in the plan, which should address compliance, monitoring, audits, identity controls, and more. According to realtimecampaign.com, the plan needs to unify security solutions across the platform, applications, and the network. For more information, check this.

Access Management

Companies must use identity verification tools and processes at every level of the organization along with authentication tools to protect the cloud hardware, data, and software. To reduce the risk of exposure, the company needs to minimize exposure of the infrastructure to the internet. This exposure should only occur when it is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, people should only have access to the levels of infrastructure essential to their job duties. 

Know All Cloud Resources

The cloud security team must remain aware of all cloud resources. New challenges exist in this area, as more people now work from home. Many companies are allowing their employees to telecommute even as some people return to the office. The data security team must know what cloud tools these individuals are using and ensure they remain in compliance with the company’s data security best practices. When it comes to What in-house counsel need to know about “reasonable” data security measures, this area will be one of significant concerns in the eyes of many. 

Password Security

Every person should know by now that sharing passwords is never wise. Furthermore, passwords shouldn’t be used across sites and need to be changed regularly. IT security teams within an organization must ensure every employee understands how and why they need to change their passwords routinely. Determine which credential management tools can be of help in ensuring employee passwords comply with the company’s security policy. 

Identifying Vulnerable Areas

Every company needs to carry out regular scans to determine any vulnerable areas in relation to data security. Security audits should be used in conjunction with these scans to uncover vulnerable areas. Once the vulnerabilities have been uncovered, the team needs to analyze and prioritize them before developing solutions. 


When choosing an encryption solution, companies need to find a provider such as Cyral that adheres to the highest industry standards. These standards must address data in transit along with data at rest. Before choosing a provider, know exactly what is needed in terms of the data to be protected.

Recovery Solutions

Situations arise when data is lost. This loss may occur as a result of a data breach, employee error, or another incident. When choosing a cloud vendor, ensure their disaster recovery and backup policies are in alignment with the company’s policies. In addition, their policies need to comply with all industry standards.

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