NextGen Healthcare: TempDev’s COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR Template Upgraded to Work with Pfizer and Moderna Boosters

NextGen Healthcare: TempDev's COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR Template Upgraded to Work with Pfizer and Moderna Boosters

“TempDev, a healthcare IT consulting and technology firm focused on NextGen Healthcare software, has upgraded their COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR Template to work with Pfizer and Moderna booster shots.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, vaccine booster shots will be available for many patients in September. As the U.S. prepares to ramp up vaccine booster shots in a matter of weeks, TempDev is ready and able to assist any healthcare organizations using NextGen EHR to help them meet the challenge of efficient immunization administration and documentation. Laura Miller, CEO of TempDev, says, “Many of the clients we serve are community health clinics, tribal health, and primary care physicians who are on the front lines of distributing COVID-19 shots. These physician groups are who patients trust the most with their care. We hope that by reducing the barriers to administering vaccines, the likelihood increases of patients being fully vaccinated and safe from the most serious of COVID-19 complications.” 

The administrative overhead of physician groups distributing COVID-19 vaccines is incredibly significant and unlike any other vaccine in recent history. First developed in December 2020, the COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR Template is designed to seamlessly administer, bill, and report to public health agencies – with only a few clicks. It works for all available vaccines in the U.S. market: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen. To help healthcare organizations keep the focus inoculating the public against COVID-19, TempDev has continually monitored the shifting landscape of the pandemic and continuously enhances its package to ensure ease of use and reduce any unnecessary burdens placed on healthcare staff. 

TempDev’s COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR Template saves time and improves productivity because clinical staff can do everything necessary, from a clinical and billing perspective, all from a single template. Users no longer have go into every patient chart to administer immunizations. The CDC Prevaccination Checklist, Immunization and Administration CPT® Billing Codes, and VFC eligibility are all data elements that are available on the template, which can improve documentation while reducing the need for additional data entry.  The template also utilizes NextGen’s Vaccine Inventory, so healthcare organizations can track their usage and seamlessly integrate with the Immunization Registry Interfaces for public health reporting.  Moreover, TempDev has created YouTube NextGen training videos that make the template easy to implement by improving adoption rates and reducing the training time needed for clinical staff.

TempDev’s COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR Template is easy-to-use and has proven to be incredibly successful, with hundreds of thousands of shots already administered using the template – and thousands more being administered each day. Contact TempDev for a demonstration of the COVID-19 Vaccine NextGen EHR Template that clients are raving about – visit for more details.

About TempDev

TempDev is a healthcare IT consulting and technology firm focused on NextGen Healthcare software. They specialize in creating innovative and forward-thinking solutions, such as credit balance software, reporting dashboards, business intelligence solutions, and EHR software enhancements. TempDev has worked with some of the largest medical groups, private equity firms, and ASCs in the country. They have presented at the NextGen National User Group Meeting conference on multiple occasions. TempDev offers consulting services for Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) and practice management (EPM) software and are a NextGen Preferred Partner.

Laura Miller is the Founder and CEO of TempDev, an IT consulting firm that assists healthcare organizations with meeting – and exceeding – their clinical, financial, and operational needs. With her solid Computer Engineering background and business acumen, Laura is known for creating innovative and sustainable solutions that have lasting positive impacts.

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