The United States Metal Roofing Consortium is disrupting the roofing market by enabling Affordable Metal Roofing Direct from Manufacturer

The organization has created a simple and efficient system for homeowners to install premium metal roofing products for affordable pricing.

Metal roofing is now viable option for most homeowners. Metal roofing companies have joined together and formed the United States Metal Roofing Consortium (USMRC) to purchase in mass bulk direct from the manufacturer. This system has reduced cost because it bypasses the huge markup from manufacturers to distributors for buying on credit and an even larger markup by the distributors.

Manufacturers are now either buying out distributorships to cut them out or selling directly to large entities such as the USMRC. Metal roofing manufacturers have relied upon others creating demand for their product. Now this is essentially an outsourced sales team that creates demand for them. Manufacturers realize they can cut their customer acquisition cost in half.

The asphalt roofing market is a commodity and is struggling to make adjustments in many large roofing markets. Asphalt roofing has been under fire by many insurance entities because the design leaves the roof looking damaged — with or without storm damage. Insurance departments in many states are now refusing to insure asphalt roofs that are greater than 10 years or adjusting policies to reduce frivolous replacements due to old or insufficient manufacturing systems. Asphalt roofing carries names like “lifetime” or “30 years,” but the average lifespan is historically 10–15 years. Metal roofing seems to these agencies as solving the problem.

The USMRC has created and a simple system to get remote quotes. This system is well received by homeowners. The USMRC is based in Houston, Texas, but they are showing up in markets across North America, including Canada.

The founders have stated, “We provide metal roofing directly from the manufacturer without hefty markups by distributorships. The agreement between distributors and manufacturers is an antiquated way of doing business because the manufacturers are locked into long contracts, and roofers and homeowners would rather find high-end products at a much lower price. Our goal is to make the metal roof bid process, easy and very informed. We promise this will be the most informed decision you will make. We have a series of videos and information that we have found most people just really love.”

Partnered with the manufacturer and the installation company, homeowners in the market for metal roofing are now ensured to have now two organizations with a vested interest in the quality of the installation. “A metal roof is only as good as the installer” is said by installers and the larger manufacturers.

At its core, the USMRC is a group of elite metal roofing companies and a few manufacturers capturing a much larger part of the growing metal roofing demand. Their buying power is reducing cost which is being passed to the homeowner. “The days of pushy sales reps at kitchen tables is just not how we do business,” stated one of the two founders.

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About United States Metal Roofing Consortium

The United States Metal Roofing Consortium is a group of elite metal roofing installers that use their combined purchasing power to buy higher end products and offer them for much lower than market pricing.

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