Noochy Licious Launches New Heart-Healthy Vegan Cheese Alternative

Gloriously Vegan Limited is a United Kingdom-based Vegan Food Brand that specializes in creating tasty, protein-rich, highly nutritional recipes and dishes. The brand had just launched Nooch Licious – a healthy vegan cheese nutritional yeast product.

It’s well reported that one of the main issues with a vegan diet is how hard it is to get protein and equally how hard it is to give up delicious cheese and dairy products.

Gloriously Vegan Limited has solved both these problems by launching Noochy Licious, which is essentially a plant-based Vegan alternative to cheese based on nutritional yeast. However, Noochy Licious is superior to standard types of nutritional yeast in various fields other than taste.

It contains 70% fewer calories than regular cheese, and its concentration of saturated fat is below 0.1%. Noochy Licious is brimming with beta-glucans, which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol in its oat form, and its ingredients are lactose, soy, and nut-free. 

According to Healthline, nutritional yeast is remarkably rich in protein, fiber, trace minerals, as well as B vitamins.

Gloriously Vegan is a company that values collaboration, teamwork, and creativity above laser-focused ideas of any individual, which are the main reasons why Noochy Licious has been so successful.

“I believe eating plant-based is a healthy, sustainable, and morally right way of living, and I founded Gloriously Vegan to share simple vegan recipes with the world. Gloriously Vegan is a collaboration between a group of talented chefs from around the world.”

The purpose of Noochy Licious’s launch was to create healthy, tasty food that vegans and vegetarians could enjoy.

Eddy Barrett, the founder of Gloriously Vegan that launched the product, had said that his motivation behind the invention of Noochy Licious was to bring the vegan culture closer to people who’ve struggled to find the right balance of nutrients and vitamins, stating:

“The sole goal is to make following a vegan diet easier. It’s perfect because I insist that every recipe is simple enough that even a kitchen dummy like myself can easily cook it!”

Aside from its straightforwardness, Noochy Licious is low in sodium and fat, 100% vegan, dairy, soy, and gluten-free, kosher-friendly, and contains non-GMO ingredients.

The reason Noochy Licious is profoundly tasty is that it is made of the world’s most premium, best-tasting nutritional yeast superfood flakes. 

Gloriously Vegan Limited’s American Noochy Licious launch was received with much fanfare from US citizens, who’ve rated the product with 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. Leif Arnesen, a verified Amazon customer, labeled Noochy Licious as ‘Best Vegan Nutritional Yeast’, stating:

“I have been looking for a brand of nutritional yeast that I actually enjoyed having! All the brands that I have tried resulted in an upset stomach … but not Gloriously Vegans! I used this in a vegan mac & cheese recipe and it was phenomenal! For the price and taste, this is a definite YES for me! Highly recommend!” 

More information about Gloriously Vegan Limited and Noocy Licious can be found at the brand’s official website.

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