Fabricated steel structure building to build a green future

Just as the Butterfly Effect that a butterfly occasionally flapping its wings in the Amazon rainforest can cause a tornado in America, small changes may have a huge impact in the future. Nowadays, such a change is brewing in China’s traditional construction industry. In the organic renewal of the city, more eco-friendly fabricated steel structure buildings are gradually replacing traditional concrete structure buildings, which is building a more harmonious green future for man and nature.

What are the advantages of fabricated steel structure buildings? What is its development trend? How does it build a green future? The second China Fabricated Steel Structure Building Development Seminar held in Yudu County, Jiangxi Province, China on July 22 answered these doubts. With the theme of “building a green dream together on a new journey”, the seminar invited practitioners, experts and scholars in the construction industry to discuss the relationship between fabricated steel structure building and green development through theme sharing and round table dialogue.

The organizer of this seminar, Hangxiao steel structure is a leader in the fabricated steel structure construction industry. Since its establishment in 1985, Hangxiao steel structure has been providing design, manufacturing, construction and installation services in the field of fabricated steel structure buildings, with thousands of model projects in more than 70 countries or regions around the world, such as Germany, India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and Malaysia. It has undertaken the construction of many famous buildings, such as Frankfurt Air Railway Center in Germany, Iceland National Music Conference Center, Doha New International Airport in Qatar, and Affordable Housing Project in Angola, which has contributed wisdom and strength to the world’s green steel structure buildings.

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