Swiss Toniq Geneva Creates the World’s Only Existing Skincare Made from Cold-Pressed Botanicals

The multiple award-winning skincare brand has uncovered a natural skincare solution with no cheap bulking ingredients and plastic-free packaging.

Swiss Toniq challenges the existing money-driven skincare industry by producing the world’s most natural, most concentrated and most effective skincare products using only high-performing and clinically tested raw ingredients.

With the collaboration of a well-known Swiss biochemist and organic cosmetics laboratory, Swiss Toniq was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, by British-born mother, ex-horse breeder and professional showjumping rider Fiona Pittaluga-Nicholls in 2017. She has decided on this journey after a horse fall that left her with a broken spine. It has woken her up to the importance of healing and caring for her body.

Swiss Toniq is a unique and novel concept. The founders have created the products from raw medicinal plants proven in clinical tests and award-winning actives. They have not been cooked, bleached or modified, so they retain up to 80 percent more of the valuable nutrients and enzymes needed to fight ageing and protect the skin.

“Recent studies show an average woman applies over 100 different chemicals on her skin each day. And we wonder why we get sick! Many incredible plants have existed for thousands (even millions) of years, and they are capable of curing many ailments and rejuvenating skin. So why are we opting for dangerous chemicals instead?” stated Nicholls.

Award-winning and Swiss-made, Swiss Toniq is for dry, sensitive or tired-looking skin, designed potentially for women over 40. More than 60 percent of the products applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream, be it natural or toxic so it’s important to know what’s in todays products. Looking into Swiss Toniq, the brand has created something unique that contains more nutrients than all the other brands — pure skin food. In the USA, the FDA has banned 11 dangerous skincare ingredients, whereas in Switzerland, there are 1,380 banned ingredients, making Swiss skincare much safer.

Swiss Toniq’s powerful products are concentrated, contain zero fillers, treat cells deep down and offer long-term results. They are cruelty-free and come in plastic-free packaging. Their formulation is kind enough even for the most sensitive, irritated or allergic skin.

Swiss Toniq uses an elaborate selection of herbs, medicinal plant extracts and oils from flowers, seeds and trees that have existed since hundreds (and, sometimes, thousands) of years ago. These are plants that have survived drought, flood, extreme heat and freezes while most other plants died out. They have survived because they contain unique cell renewing properties that resist hardship and regenerate new cells under the toughest conditions. This is exactly what Swiss Toniq offers to its users’ skin.

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About Swiss Toniq Geneva

Swiss Toniq Geneva was founded in Geneva, Switzerland. It produces the world’s only existing skincare made from cold-pressed botanicals.

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