Pivot Success With The 80 Percentage Unused Mind During COVID-19

Dr. Angela Wilson, the founder of Achievers Resources is releasing Her Hacking the Hacker® series to help successful individuals with a warrior spirit to the next level of freedom.

The global covid-19 pandemic has severe effects on the minds of people.

Most coaches and consultants deal only at the physical, conscious, and emotional levels, so most books, programs, and workshops about humans’ mindset and potential. As a result, clients only improve performance for a while and lose steam because the root cause is from the used unconscious, which is designed to manipulate the perception of subconscious mind since birth.

During this critical time of COVID-19, most aspiring entrepreneurs, corporate investors and business owners find out the skill they have on maintaining holistic wellbeing cannot sustain anymore. They lose confidence and doubt their own potential in dealing with unsolved emotional, mental challenges, not to even mention the urgent need to boost immunity to the maximum

COVID-19 speeds up the deteriorating process of chronic physical, emotional and mental health issues. Many find out medication, the law of attraction, manifestation, mind-rewiring, neurolinguistic programming, and spiritual practice cannot deal with critical moments.  

Dr. Angela Wilson, known as the authority of the 80% unused mysterious part of the mind, announces her updated HTH-Hacking The Hacker ®program series to help achievers pivot success to the infinite level and make every minute on earth counts.

Her approach goes beyond the limits and targets the crux of personal tragedy and world misery – the unused inaccessible unconscious mind, the source of fear, which remains mysterious to most of us. 

Her startling discovery and lifelong effort led Her to stand out from others. Dr Angela is an inspirational speaker, keynote presenter, media interviewee, consultant coach, trainer, global peace ambassador, author, political member, animal advocate, and more.

Her goal is to help ambitious achievers utilize the 80% unused mind during covid-19. The Mind Power Lady is committed to assisting achievers in discovery of the multi-dimensional perceptions beyond the limits-the infinite sustainable potential. So, they can reach higher goals in their personal lives, business, career, physical and emotional health, mental health, relationships, and intimacy.

High achievers love the advantage of Dr. Angela’s Walk-You-through approach. They enjoy the convenience of reaching out to her any time whenever needed in application and earn the space of freedom. Clients like to describe the experience as a process of practical enlightenment.

If you want to boost your immunity to the maximum and make every minute living on earth counts regardless of how unpredictable the external world is, you may want to check her out.

For more information, please visit https://www.pathtoliberty.com/

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